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Growing up, I preferred my eggs to be scrambled and sprinkled with something my Grandma Barbra would call “monkey dust”. It was years later that I found out what “monkey dust” really was! What was it? McCormick’s Nature’s Seasoning. I actually still use that very same seasoning today in many…

Jesus encountered three dads who possessed some great traits. First, there was Jairus, a father who believed. (Mark 5:21-24a) Jairus was a “ruler of the synagogue.” That means he was in charge of worship services and he maintained and cleaned the building. The fact that a “ruler of the synag…

We are living in a modern dystopia when, in the name of science, adults enjoy life unmasked while young children are masked; adults freely go to restaurants and gyms while children have attended school mainly by remote learning. The U.S. pandemic policies have firmly placed us in this position.