I guess you could say it all started when I was born. That’s where it starts for most people, right? The only difference is I am not a human being; I am a sheltie.

I know, you’re reading this and wondering what’s going on. But let me explain. I love sharing my adventures with people and I have my human companion, Blaise, to translate them for me. Blaise and I have shared so many adventures together. I have to tell you about some of them!

One of the funniest things that happened is the time when Blaise thought my tail was loose! Oh, my goodness, he will probably be so mad at me for telling you this, but I must! Blaise and his family were playing with me when someone grabbed my tail a little. Blaise yelled and said he knew for sure they had pulled my tail out of socket! He said my tail looked loose! Everyone was laughing, including me. But to him, it was not funny! He was convinced my tail was dislocated.

Another funny story was the time Blaise and I went fishing with his brother, Damon, and his parents, Jamie and Darla. You should have seen my nose curl up! It stunk out there in that fishing place! It did not smell at all like the salmon treats I love eating! Truthfully, just between me and you, I am scared of fish!

Blaise and I used to travel everywhere together before COVID-19 hit. Blaise wondered if I should be wearing a mask, but I do not know how he thinks I would wear one. My snout is so big it would literally take something like a sock to cover it up!

When we went out, we would always stop at Starbucks and I would get some of the best-tasting water ever! I especially loved shopping at Hobby Lobby. I loved looking at the yarn area because it reminds me of when Blaise and his Grandma Barbra would take me shopping and she would spend forever picking out different yarns with all kinds of colors and textures.

Speaking of Blaise’s Grandma Barbra, I really miss her. She passed away in November, 2019, just 10 days apart from Blaise’s Grandma Deloris. Grandma Barbra and Blaise and I would always go out shopping and have lunch together! She was always so fascinated by me. Sometimes I would catch her just looking at me. I think she knew that Blaise and I really needed each other.

Grandma Deloris was such a special woman, too. She named me and I am so glad she did. I really think the name “Penny” fits me. One of my favorite memories of myself with Grandma Deloris was when I was first brought home to my new family and they took me over to see her at Glen Oaks. She loved holding me and I loved laying with her. One of the very first pictures that Blaise took of me was when I was laying in her arms. I loved visiting everyone at Glen Oaks. It was a nice time.

I hope you have enjoyed a small glimpse into my life because I really love sharing it with you. If you are thinking about getting a pet to bring some joy into your life, go for it (but only if you are going to be responsible!) I highly recommend sharing your love with a pet because so many animals out there need loving homes. I am so thankful, blessed, lucky and fortunate to be able to call Blaise my human and have him in my life. I really think I was born to be loved by him and to help him. I want to honor my life’s work to spread love and happiness.

Blaise Doubman, of Kennard, is an Indiana University graduate. He writes the food column, “CHEW THIS!” that appears in The Courier-Times and The Shelbyville News. He invites readers to visit his website, TRAIL BLAISE (http://trailblaise.com). He loves to hear from his readers and can be contacted via the contact page found directly on his website. He credits his fur baby, Penny, for not only saving his life, but also for teaching him about the important things in life. Penny loves sharing her adventures with Blaise though his social media and connecting with people. She loves barking, getting into trouble, eating salmon treats and watching TV.