I saw a social media post about the pandemic where someone said she was ready to put up the Christmas tree—because she had nothing left to do!

Well, I can still always find something to do but I have to admit, putting up the Christmas tree sounds like a comforting thing to do right about now. I won't, though, until my usual day after Thanksgiving.

Even though the holidays of Thanksgiving and Christmas are still far away, now that the summer issue of her magazine for women is out, it's time for me to move on with plans for the fall edition.

It's the toughest one I do because of the timeline involved. I need all the content by early September in time to get it edited, questions about copy answered, photos secured, identified and uploaded. In October, all content is sent to a designer and then to a special printer before the issue appears in the Saturday, Nov. 7 Courier-Times.

So is the fall issue about fall or about Christmas? Or it it general interest? I'm always struggling with answering those questions when deciding a theme.

This time, I came up with a new idea. I want to hear from women entrepreneurs and / or business owners who serve Henry County.

This could be those with home businesses involving skin-care, home-design items, books or even eggs from their own chickens—and so much more. I also want to hear from women who own businesses that have physical  addresses and storefronts. 

I plan to assemble the profiles of each along with a photo into a directory to go inside her magazine. This will be a free service to those submitting the profiles and to readers alike.

I'm not sure who will get the cover spot but I anticipate it likely being a woman whose profile information would translate well into a holiday-product themed cover.

It's too early to say and too early to make any promises about a cover spot. However, if you have an interest in me writing a separate feature story about you as a business owner / entrepreneur, do let me know soon.

I'm asking you to spread the word to your friends and relatives or maybe even to your favorite female businesswoman or budding entrepreneur.

For consistency of the directory, I'm asking that each woman submitting her information answer the following questions. She may also provide photos of herself in a head-and-shoulders form along with a photo of her with her product or products. Please send no more than two photos total per business.

Since I don't know how many of these profiles will come in, I may only have space for the head-and-shoulders type photos. But it would be fun if space allows for the feature photos.

Deadline to submit the profile and photos is Labor Day, Monday, Sept. 7. Please submit only if your service area includes Henry County and the immediate surrounding area that we cover as a newspaper. 

Here are the questions for each submission:

1. What is your name and city or town of residence?

2. What is the name of your business and its address, phone number and email? 

3. Are you owner of the business, founder or what?

4. Explain in one paragraph what your business offers.

5. Explain if you have any holiday items or services available readers might enjoy buying or receiving for the season.

6. What does being an entrepreneur or business owner mean to you?

7. Deadline to submit: Labor Day, Sept. 7, 2020. But please submit sooner than that if possible.

8. Don't forget your up to two photos (one can be a feature photo of you with products you sell; one a close-up head-shoulders photo.

9. Submit information and photo(s) either via U.S. mail to: Donna Cronk, The Courier-Times, 201 S. 14th St. New Castle, IN 47362 or to: dcronk@thecouriertimes.com. Be sure you include a daytime phone number. Direct any questions to me at 765-575-4657.

Donna Cronk is Courier-Times Neighbors Editor and edits the quarterly her magazine for women.