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Tribute was paid on Thursday, May 30 to outstanding New Castle Middle School students for their scholastic, civic, and extra-curricular activities during the 81st annual Honor Day Program held in Bundy Auditorium.

Principal Adam McDaniel opened the program by welcoming students, parents, staff and visitors. “The Star-Spangled Banner” was played by the New Castle Middle School Jazz Band, directed by Daniel Buckalew. The Swing Choir sang “Blessing”, by Katie Moran Bart and directed by Alyssa Czartoski.

Ryan Grieser, President of the Student Council, contributed to the event with an inspirational welcome speech. The following students were honored on this day for their respective awards and recognitions.

Art 8 Dominic Cook, Zavier Edwards, Luke Joplin and Shyann New.

English 7 - Michaela Barron and Macy Bowling; Honors English 7 - Payton Massengale; Focus English 7 - Rylee Thompson; English 8 - Aaliyah Alley and Zoey Hill; Honors English 8 - Maxwell Upchurch; Focus English 8 - Lydia Harvey; Reading 8 - Rylee Weston; Top Accelerated Readers 7th Grade - Sydney Mathews, Lily Farmer, Robert Lee, Kristen Dickey, Shelby Nichols, Alaina Bowman, Terrick Guffey, Lauren Lunt, Michaela Barron and Edison Hay; Top Accelerated Readers 8th - Samuel Underhill, Jasmin Abrell, Georgia Dammarell, Valarie Wong, William Tompkins, Lydia Harvey, Zoey Hill, Alyssa Bacos, Elena Millikan and Dakota Dobbs.

Explore 7 - Andrew Dock and Katelyn Walker; Health 8 - Genevieve Davison and Cole Wheeler; FACS 8 - Lydia Harvey and Valarie Wong; Industrial Tech 8 - Lydia Harvey and Samuel Underhill; Business 7 - Payton Massengale and Lauren Watterson.

Math 7 - Addison McGowan and James Powell; Honors Math 7 - Ella Young; Math 8 - Gracie Helms and Chloe Vaughn; Honors Math 8 - Madison Parsons; Algebra IC - Edison Hay; Algebra IIC - Lydia Harvey.

Concert Choir - Brooklyn Coomer and Brayden Stanczak; New Harmonies - Olivia Owens; Red Hot Revolution - Genevieve Davison; Statesman Singers - Colin Taylor; Band 7 - Ryah Hines, Cameron Poe, Dillon Smitherman and Lauren Watterson; Band 8 - Areyanna McTier; Jazz Band - Gracie Helms; General Music - Jake Mills and Luke Roan.

P.E. 7 - Devyn Ayers, Andrew Dock, Gavin Frazier and Emma Hart; P.E. 8 - Haidyn Bulmer, Elena Millikan, Chloe Vaughn and Gavin Welch.

Science 7 - Ashlyn Bell, Addison McGowan and Olivia Owens; Honors Science 7 - Edison Hay; Science 8 - Ryan Bradley, Nathaniel Erhart and Madison Parsons; Honors Science 8 - Valarie Wong.

World History 7 - Edison Hay and Lauren Watterson; U.S. History 8 - Anna Hardwick and Kalie Raymond; Honors U.S. History 8 - Valarie Wong; Jerry Newland Social Studies Memorial Award - Lydia Harvey.

NCMS Yearbook Members - Mary Ames, Madison Ervin, Madyson Hicks and Sarah Jones; NCMS Radio New Team - Wyatt Barrett, Chloe Davis, Presley Gibson, Ryan Grieser and Samuel Underhill; English Academic Team - Anna Hardwick, Sydney Mathews, Addison McGowan and Rylee Thompson; Math Academic Team - Harrison Callaway, Ryan Grieser, Edison Hay, Luke Roan and Valarie Wong; Science Academic Team - Caden Blackford, Alaina Bowman, Paul Huynh, Payton Massengale and Samuel Underhill; Social Studies Academic Team - Alanah Amman, Wyatt Barrett, Ryan Bradley and Lauren Watterson; Spell Bowl Team - Wyatt Brewster, Harrison Callaway, Patrick Gentry, Terrick Guffey, Emma Hart, Edison Hay, Ishmine Heera, Sarah Jones, Taiara Lewis, Madilyn Moffitt, Lilly Raines, Rylee Thompson and Valarie Wong.

Basketball 7 - Emma Hart and Colin Taylor; Basketball 8 - Chloe Vaughn and Gavin Welch; Cheerleading 7 - McKaleigh Eaton; Cheerleading 8 - Madison Bell; Cross Country 7 - Gavin Frazier and Lauren Watterson; Cross Country 8 - Jaykwan Guerrero and Lydia Harvey; Football 7 - Andrew Dock; Football 8 - Aidan Bradley; Golf - Ronald Johnson; Swimming - Mark Nelson and Olivia Owens; Track 7 - Payton Massengale and Colin Taylor; Track 8 - Lydia Harvey and Bradley Henderson; Volleyball 7 - Morley Blessinger; Volleyball 8 - Elena Millikan; Wrestling 7 - Quinten Mosier; Wrestling 8 - Brevan Thrine.

Student Council President - Ryan Grieser; Student Council Vice President - Madison Bell; Student Council Secretary - Samuel Underhill; Student Council Treasurer - Catherine Hannan; Student Council Members 8th - Bailey Butcher, Ella Garvin, Kate Martin, Kalie Raymond and Ava Stearns; Student Council Members 7th - Ashlyn Bell, Jaylee Bush, Dalton Marlow, Addison McGowan, Olivia Owens, Rylee Thompson and Lauren Watterson; P.T.O. “Super Students” 7th - Matthew Harper, Emma Hart and Olivia Owens; P.T.O. “Super Students” 8th - Wyatt Barrett, Ella Garvin and Andrew Sizemore; Renaissance “Students of the Month” 7th - Sydney Hamm and Kelden Riggs; Renaissance “Students of the Month” 8th - Elena Millikan and Cole Wheeler; President’s Volunteer Community Service Awards 7th grade- Mikenley Brown with 209 hours; Elianna Horak with 143 Hours; and Ashlyn Bell with 92 hours; 8th grade - Ryan Grieser with 192 hours; Chloe Davis with 178 hours; and Bradley Henderson with 72 hours.

ONE Year Perfect Attendance 7th grade - Jaylee Bush; ONE Year Perfect Attendance 8th grade - Trenton Alfrey, Quintin Boatright, Bradley Henderson, Noah Melton and Madison Parsons; TWO Years - Lauren Watterson (7th); THREE Years - Isaiah Armstrong (7th) and Dillon Smitherman (7th); FOUR Years - Anthony Langston (7th); EIGHT Years - Madison Bell (8th).

Governor’s Work Ethic Certificates - Trenton Alfrey, Wyatt Barrett, Dakota Bell, Madison Bell, Quintin Boatright, Aidan Bradley, Haidyn Bulmer, Myles Crawford, Connor Daffron, Shaley Davis, Kaylee Deck, Camryn DeNeve, Desiree DeVier, Jasmine Downs, Boaz Drummond, Jonathan Drummond, Edward Dupart, Nathaniel Erhart, Damen Evans, Alexander Frost, Shelby Frost, Joselyn Golliher, Jaykwan Guerrero, Carter Guffey, Lydia Harvey, Samuel Hastings, Bradley Henderson, Zoey Hill, Ethan Hinton, Nicholas Huffman, William Huffman, Macey Hutchison, Paul Huynh, Lexy Jarvis, Kaylynn Johnson, Michael Johnson, Destiny Jolley, Luke Joplin, Trinity Leary, William Lindsey, Carlin Lucas, Kate Martin, Mya Martinez, Elena Millikan, Madilyn Moffitt, Madison Parsons, Gracelynn Shaw, Ava Stearns, Faith Studt, Veda Thurston, Samuel Underhill, Maxwell Upchurch, Andreai Weber, Gavin Welch, Jonathan Wells, Rylee Weston and Valarie Wong.

A-B Honor Roll Status for 1st through 3rd Grading Periods 7th grade - Elijah Abrams, Ashlyn Agee, Cadence Bartels, Morley Blessinger, Samuel Brewster, Wyatt Brewster, Teagan Brown, Lucie Broyles, Braylon Cornwell, Cara Cowan, Andrew Coy, Joseph Dishman, Andrew Dock, Payton Dolce, Madison Ervin, Gavin Frazier, Patrick Gentry, Mireya Guerrero, Michael Hall, Sydney Hamm, Trinity Harmon, Hannah Helms, Ryah Hines, Madison Hutson, Drew Jackson, Jacob Jenkins, Sarah Jones, Colten Lawson, William Logan, Lauren Lunt, Isaac Madden, Jesse Manning, Leticia Martinez, Sydney Mathews, Kairi McGuire, Maritza Mil, Jake Mills, Quinten Mosier, Mark Nelson, Shelby Nichols, David Pollitt, Korban Reece, Landon Semler, Dillon Smitherman, Marshall Snell, McKenna Speer, Elijah Stewart, Gabriel Terhaar and Augustus Upchurch; 8th grade - Jasmin Abrell, Trenton Alfrey, Aaliyah Alley, Alyssa Bacos, Wyatt Barrett, Aidan Bradley, Ryan Bradley, Myles Crawford, Daniel Davis, Shaley Davis, Kaylee Deck, Kristin DeWitt, Boaz Drummond, Jonathan Drummond, Edward Dupart, Nathaniel Erhart, Presley Gibson, Roamyn Grant, Jaykwan Guerrero, Catherine Hannan, Anna Hardwick, Samuel Hastings, Mya Martinez, Ceara Monaghan, Colin O’Farrow, Madison Parsons, Ashton Rainer, Kenzie Shelton, Sacha Shunneson, Ava Stearns, Hannah Strunk, Maxwell Upchurch, Kiana Voiles, Kelsey Waters, Sakagawea Watson, Andreai Weber, Gavin Welch and Landon Wilkinson; All A’s Honor Roll Status for 1st through 3rd Grading Periods 7th grade - Ashlyn Bell, Caden Blackford, Macy Bowling, Jaylee Bush, Harrison Callaway, Lily Farmer, Emma Hart, Edison Hay, Ishmine Heera, Anthony Langston, Payton Massengale, Addison McGowan, Olivia Owens, Luke Roan, Colin Taylor, Rylee Thompson, Lauren Watterson and Ella Young; 8th grade - Alanah Amman, Madison Bell, Triston Clayson, Camryn DeNeve, Harmony Dickerson, Ella Garvin, Ryan Grieser, Lydia Harvey, Zoey Hill, Paul Huynh, Lexy Jarvis, Michael Johnson, Kate Martin, Elena Millikan, Madilyn Moffitt, Kalie Raymond, Samuel Underhill, Chloe Vaughn and Valarie Wong.

8th Grade President’s Academic Excellence Awards - Alanah Amman, Aidan Bradley, Genevieve Davison, Harmony Dickerson, Edward Dupart, Ella Garvin, Ryan Grieser, Catherine Hannan, Anna Hardwick, Lydia Harvey, Paul Huynh, Elena Millikan, Madilyn Moffitt, Samuel Underhill and Valarie Wong.

8th Grade James Pasman Academic Athletic Excellence Awards - Alanah Amman, Madison Bell, Aidan Bradley, Haidyn Bulmer, Daniel Davis, Ella Garvin, Presley Gibson, Ryan Grieser, Lydia Harvey, Paul Huynh, Lexy Jarvis, Michael Johnson, Elena Millikan, Madilyn Moffitt, Kalie Raymond, Sacha Shunneson, Ava Stearns, Samuel Underhill and Maxwell Upchurch.

Derek Clark Mental Attitude Awards - Brevan Thrine and Sakagawea Watson.

Gregor Geozeff Citizenship Awards - Samuel Underhill and Valarie Wong.

Retiree Recognition - Jean Ann Walls (secretary)

Ushers/Usherettes for the program were Jasmin Abrell, Desiree DeVier, Madyson Hicks, Wyatt Maiden, Aaliyah Majors, Michael Schielie, Peyton Southerland and Bryce Wilson.

Honor Day Committee

Adam McDaniel: Principal

Kelley Cox: Assistant Principal

Warren Cook: Dean of Students/Athletic Director

Alyssa Czartoski: Swing Choir Director

Daniel Buckalew: Jazz Band Director

Audrey Estelle: 7th Grade Counselor

April Havens: 8th Grade Counselor

Cynthia Savage: Usher/Usherette Sponsor

Melinda Broyles: Honor Day Organization & Preparation