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Welcome to the Weekend (Edition)!

When I was younger, I couldn’t wait for the weekend. Saturday morning cartoons and, best of all, no school!

Eventually, I grew up and realized there was a whole list of chores waiting just around the corner from Friday. But that hasn’t harshed my thrill for the weekend. I still enjoy Friday nights downtown and Saturday mornings mowing or jogging the trail.

Enjoying the weekend is easy. Especially now that it starts with The Courier-Times Weekend Edition delivered right to your mailbox. The same grocery and hardware ads are right there. The same full-color comics are there, too. A full day sooner than you’re used to.

Kids on bikes don’t deliver the paper anymore. That’s true. But kids haven’t delivered it in New Castle for more than a decade. Today wraps up the first week that every Courier-Times subscriber received their paper by post.

Every business changes with the times if it wants to stay in business. We are no different. Our newspaper has been here for 179 years; I’m already planning to celebrate our bicentennial on the patio with a live band and free hotdogs. My treat.

No one said it’d be a perfect switchover. But we are doing our best to keep bringing local news to you every day. If your paper isn’t in the mail like its supposed to be, call our front desk at 765-575-4619.

Day in, day out, we want to help keep the people of Henry County aware of what’s going on down the road. With the new delivery system, we can bring you the paper five days in a row, Tuesday through Saturday.

Everyone who has ever gotten a wet newspaper knows the frustration of seeing something you paid for sitting in a puddle. Trust me, I’ve taken the phone calls. Like it or not, internet and electric bills rarely end up soaking wet. With mail delivery, we can reasonably guarantee your paper will be dry when you open the mailbox.

Darrel Radford and I keep on covering city, county, town and school meetings. Dave Risley is still producing some of the best sports coverage we’ve ever had. And Donna Cronk continues to write about the people in our community that make it just a wonderful place to live.

I am happy The Courier-Times is changing. If we crossed our arms and pouted in the corner about how things used to be, we’d doom ourselves. Instead, the company is continually looking at ways to keep our costs down while keeping the quality of our product up – like any good business should. 

Thank you for being patient and sticking with us. How’s that saying go...? “Pardon our dust, we’re making improvements to better serve you!” 

In another week, we will have a better idea of how this five-days-in-a-row, delivered-by-mail change is going. Another week after that, we’ll be trying to remember what all the fuss was about.

Our job is to tell you what is going on while you are living life. Our job is also to tell those folks making big decisions how those decisions are affecting you. Take advantage of that knowledge and that power. Let us reporters be your stand-in at government meetings, and let our Opinion page be your soapbox to tell elected officials what’s what.

“Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night,” as the famous line says, should stop your daily edition of The Courier-Times from showing up with the rest of your mail now that we have partnered with the US Postal Service. Please let us know if there are any issues with your delivery or with your copy of The Weekend Edition.

Travis Weik is the managing editor of The Courier-Times. Reach him directly at 765-575-4651 or email him at tweik@thecouriertimes.com.