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Showing the way

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A mock-up of the new sign being installed at the entrance of Henry County Memorial Park.
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A new sign is being installed at Memorial Park thanks to a group of local donors.
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The new Memorial Park sign will direct park visitors to the Henry County Saddle Club and Memorial Park Golf Course, as well as the new Veterans Museum and Henry CountyEXPOCenter.



The first sign to grace the entrance of Henry County Memorial Park was hewn from young trees along the landscape.

Today, a 15-foot wooden sign again welcomes visitors to the largest war memorial in the state of Indiana.

The new sign stands at the corner of County Road 100N and N. Memorial Drive. The lettering is 10 inches tall and reflective. The sign even includes park’s address off to one side.

The new sign is the result of teamwork between the Memorial Park Board, the Henry County Saddle Club, Memorial Park Golf Course and the Henry County EXPO Board, along with individual donors and volunteers.

The park board, the Saddle Club and the Randy Neal family contributed to the costs of the sign. Steve and Joy Miller, Greg and Nancy Dietz, Butch and Rebecca Baker and Daniel Miller also donated to the costs.

The sign was designed and constructed by Karemar Productions from Mooreland.

Landscape rocks were donated by Bullock Family Farms.

Daniel and David Jackson and Joe Wiley helped install the new sign, too.

Henry County Saddle Club President Rebecca Baker has been working on the project for several months.

“I’m so excited,” she said.

The installation should be complete by Thursday.

Editor's Note: Added Henry County EXPO Board as a donor.