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Frosty Mojo delights crowd at Mooreland Free Fair

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Frosty Mojo drummer Eric Ping warms up before a concert Thursday evening.
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Josh Lawson is the lead singer and rhythm guitar player in the band Frosty Mojo, which performed Thursday at the Mooreland Free Fair.
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Frosty Mojo band member Jeremiah Frost plays the guitar and provides vocals. Frost’s nickname is Frosty, which is how the band got part of its name.
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The band Frosty Mojo played Thursday evening at the Mooreland Free Fair. Band members are Henry County natives who graduated from both Tri and New Castle. The group plays mostly rock cover songs.


For The Courier-Times

Feet were tapping and heads were bopping as the band Frosty Mojo performed Thursday evening at the Mooreland Free Fair.

The band, composed of Henry County natives, has been together for a little more than two years, according to lead singer and rhythm guitar player Josh Lawson.

Other band members include Jeremiah Frost (guitar and vocals), Scott Frisbie (guitar and backup vocals), Dan Vaughn (bass and backup vocals) and Eric Ping (drummer and backing vocals).

Several people at the fair started to dance as they walked by where the band was playing. Others stopped to listen.

“They’re pretty good,” said Dylan Brown of Greensfork. “I’ve seen them a couple times. I know the drummer.”

Brown said his favorite song to hear the band play is Lynyrd Skynyrd’s “Freebird.”

Trish Shelton of Straughn also stopped to hear the band play Thursday evening.

“They are good,” she said, adding that it was nice to hear the band play recognizable songs.

Lawson said naming the band didn’t come easy. In the end, the name Frosty Mojo was created because Frosty is Jeremiah Frost’s nickname, and mojo (which means a magic charm) is something the band hopes to create when they start playing for an audience.

With the exception of Ping, all band members are graduates of Tri High School. Frost and Vaughn graduated in 1996, Lawson in 1993 and Frisbie in 1991.

Ping is a 1989 graduated of New Castle Chrysler High School.

The band performs mostly rock cover songs. However, Lawson said they are known to throw in a little country, rap or blues, too.

“We pride ourselves in picking songs you don’t hear every other band play all the time,” Lawson said.

Thursday evening, the band played popular tunes including “Ain’t That America” by John Mellencamp and “Santeria” by Sublime.

All band members have music in their family histories. Lawson learned how to play the guitar and began to sing when he was in his early 20s.

“You get bored playing by yourself. You want to jam with other people. That bug never left us,” Lawson said of his fellow band members. “We aren’t trying to be rock stars. We do it because it’s so much fun, not because we want to make money.”

The band tends to play at public events, family-oriented venues and bars.

When the band has a gig coming up, they get together to practice about twice a week. Otherwise, they meet once a week and usually take the summertime to work on new songs.

“It’s super hard to add new material as a band,” Lawson explained. “It’s something we really have to work at to get it down.”

The band members have many musical artists they look up to, like AC/DC, Metallica, Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin.

However, the group doesn’t always play songs by those artists.

“The songs we seem to enjoy playing the most are the artists we listen to the least,” Lawson explained. “Favorite artists for the guys don’t necessarily influence what we play.”

Anyone who missed the band’s show at the Mooreland Free Fair can catch them at 7 p.m. Friday, Aug. 16 during Shirley Founder’s Day.

For more information about the band and a complete list of upcoming performances, check out the Frosty Mojo page on Facebook.