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Mooreland magician returns for 23rd year

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Aubrey Miller, 10, Modoc, helped magician Marcus Lehmann during his magic show Thursday evening in the entertainment pavilion of the Mooreland Free Fair. Miller helped Lehmann with a trick that involved ripping paper, only to have the scraps turn into a hat with a white paper bunny inside.
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Fayth Koontz, 16, Mooreland, assisted magician Marcus Lehmann with one of his tricks Thursday night at the Mooreland Free Fair. Koontz has been assisting Lehmann with his magic act for the last 10 years. This year’s trick included making Koontz’s face disappear in a mysterious cabinet filled with metal rods that resembled arrows.
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Magician Marcus Lehmann gave 4-year-old Grayson Coffin of Hagerstown a magic wand Thursday evening at the Mooreland Free Fair. Lehmann advised the little boy to be careful with the wand and not accidentally turn people into toads.

By KATIE CLONTZ - For The Courier-Times

Just say the magic words. Whether it was bippity bobbity boo or abracadabra, magician Marcus Lehmann once again delighted a crowd Thursday evening at the Mooreland Free Fair.

“I absolutely love coming to Mooreland every year,” said Lehmann, who has performed at the fair for the past 23 years. “It’s like homecoming. I have long-time friends here.”

Lehmann has been entertaining Indiana audiences with his magic act for more than 35 years. A resident of Lebanon, Indiana, he has previously been a magical entertainer at places such as Illusions Restaurant in Carmel, Max and Erma’s in Indianapolis, Arch Rival’s Pub in Greenwood and several Pizza Hut locations throughout the state.

For more than 20 years he also performed at Indiana libraries and elementary schools with an enrichment program designed to promote literacy and self esteem, according to his website.

“When you enter the world of magic, you are entering a land of fantasy,” Lehmann told his Mooreland audience during Thursday night’s show.

Lehmann used several volunteers during his presentation, including 16-year-old Blue River Valley student Fayth Koontz. Koontz has been attending Lehmann’s show at the fair and assisting him with tricks every year for the past decade. It’s a fair tradition she looks forward to, along with helping out at the Mooreland South Christian Church food tent.

“There is always something new to try,” Koontz said of Lehmann’s magic act.

This year, Koontz happily sat in a chair with a large cabinet-like box over her head while Lehmann astounded the audience by making her face disappear as he shoved arrow-like rods through the box without causing injury.

During the trick, Lehmann said he is often asked by parents if he can make their children disappear.

“Yes, at least partially,” he joked, adding that if the children’s faces disappeared, there would be no more texting at the dinner table, or posting goofy pictures to social media. He also kidded with the audience that blueprints of the disappearing cabinet would be for sale after the show.

Aubrey Miller, 10, of Modoc, also got to assist Lehmann on stage. Miller helped with a trick that involved ripping paper, only to have the scraps turn into a paper hat with a white bunny inside.

“I thought it was the best magic show that I have ever seen and it was awesome,” Miller gushed after the performance.

Lehmann also presented 4-year-old Grayson Coffin of Hagerstown with a magic wand and warned the boy not to accidentally turn people into toads.

Another audience-participation trick involved three people selecting one card each from a deck. Lehmann didn’t know which cards each person picked. Instead, he put the entire deck into a box and the cards blew out into the air and all over the stage. Lehmann magically managed to spear the exact card each person selected with a sword before they hit the ground.

For more information about Lehmann visit his website, marcuslehmannmagic.com