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Spiceland council looks ahead to Christmas

By DARREL RADFORD - dradford@thecouriertimes.com

Leaves have barely started to turn, but in Spiceland, town council members are already starting to think about Christmas. Appropriately, the conversation was sparked by a young woman named Green.

Last week, the focus turned away from decorating the towering tree near the town office to a more reasonable and safer decorating option. Kylie Green, who had asked town council members about possibly decorating the 40-foot tree near the town barbershop, said research indicated it would be cost prohibitive.

“It was going to cost us $3,000 for two days on a boom lift and that’s not counting the lights or the labor for people to do it,” Green said at the council’s monthly meeting Wednesday. “So I came up with the idea of purchasing a smaller one. I talked to Whitetail Tree Farms and got prices. They only go up to about 10 feet. There’s another place in Greenfield that’s a little higher. They go up to about 20 feet. So that’s what I’m looking at – a 10 to 20 foot tree.”

“Would you consider getting one that could be planted so it could be used again and again?” Council member Pam Stigall asked.

Green said she was told it would cost up to $2,500 to move a tree from the farm and replant it.

Town Council President Darrin Jacobs suggested the planting of a smaller tree that would grow taller over time.

Green said the cost quoted to her was about $8 per foot.

“So a 10-foot tree would be $80,” she said. 

“They will grow at least a foot per year,” Stigall added.