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About the proposed mountain bike trail


To the park board: I would like to make a few comments about a proposed mountain bike trail in Trojan Woods.

1. There is already a lengthy and interesting bike trail in Henry County at Westwood Park.

2. Most of the feasible trail routes in Trojan Woods are already occupied by hiking trails.

3. About one-third of Trojan Woods lies across the streams and most of the banks along the streams are rather sheer. Finding at least two suitable crossings would be a problem.

4. Since many of our native ash trees have died because of the emerald ash borer, we should be reluctant to cut very many of the small trees that could replace the dead ones.

5. The potential erosion problems on the hiking trails are being effectively handled by water bars on the steepest sections and leaf litter on the gentler slopes. I noticed recently that a short section of the main trail had been cleared of leaves. This was the only section of the trail that was muddy after all of the recent rainfall. Mountain bikes tend to be much harder on trail surfaces than do hikers. Water bars would be too rough for bikes and some other method would be needed to control erosion on the steeper slopes.

Please consider these points when the board discusses placing a bike trail in such a small, fragile area.

Allen King, New Castle