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Church initiates #ForHenry campaign

By KEVIN GREEN - kgreen@thecouriertimes.com

If you’re a fan of accentuating the positive things going on in your community, of highlighting the good and not placing an emphasis on the bad, you are likely #ForHenry.

Kim Welch, the children’s minister at First United Methodist Church of New Castle, 1324 Church St., is helping promote a largely social media campaign designed to shine a little light on good things that are happening throughout Henry County.

The idea came from a conference Welch attended last year in which the social media approach to sharing good news and positive thoughts while using a common hashtagged phrase was advocated. In this case, the phrase is #ForHenry.

Using #ForHenry allows those posting positive messages to see similar comments posted by other people.

Welch said she and others involved in this effort believe churches should be known for helping people and being a catalyst for spreading positive messages.

“We want the residents of Henry County to know that God is for them and we are for them too,” Welch said. “We also want the community to rally around this. We just want to be a catalyst for this and bring everybody together. We want our businesses and schools to be successful, so instead of focusing on what we’re doing inside the four walls of the church, we’re focusing on what the community is doing and helping them publicize that.”

An example is known as ForHenry Friday, which involves making a positive social media comment about a local business, school, group or individual that is doing something especially noteworthy.

Welch cited a recent ForHenry Friday post about the county schools that were about to begin sectional play as an example.

“We mentioned them in a post because we’re excited and proud of them,” Welch said. “We’ve gotten a lot of good feedback from our community. They like reading those posts and they want to become involved.”

The social media campaign is being promoted with ForHenry T-shirts that currently are available from the church in a variety of sizes. Orders can be placed by calling the church office at 765-529-0105 or visiting 1324 Church St., New Castle. 

T-shirts also are available at The Barnett Company, which is located in the 200 block of S. 14th Street in New Castle.

This initiative is being promoted on Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms; look for “The Place FUMC” or “The Place #ForHenry.”

Welch said the #ForHenry campaign has enjoyed a slow but steadily growing level of interest. More importantly, she said, is the fact that people are talking about it and starting to think more positively about the communities in which they live.

“It’s created dialogue that we probably wouldn’t have created with people otherwise,” she said. “We want people to feel like they belong to something. ... We’re just trying to create some common bonds versus dividing lines.”

Welch is available to speak with local service clubs and other groups that might be interested in more information about #ForHenry.

Anyone with an interest in having her speak is encouraged to contact the church office at the previously listed phone number.