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Vroom! Corvettes set to invade New Castle area

By DARREL RADFORD - dradford@thecouriertimes.com

Once home to the largest automobile factory in the world, all roads will again lead to the New Castle area this weekend – especially if you’re a Corvette fan.

The Corvette Club of Indiana is scheduled to be at New Castle Motorsports Park Saturday for a “Go Kart Extravaganza Track and Dine” event. Sharon Arnold, secretary for Corvette Indy, said more than 30 people are already signed up to attend, with many more possible – if the weather cooperates.

“Last year more than 70 came,” Arnold said in an interview with The Courier-Times. “We’ve got a lot of people sitting on that bubble right now, wondering what Mother Nature is going to do.”

Right now, the extended forecast for New Castle is calling for just a 20 percent chance of rain, partly cloudy skies and 70-degree temperatures. Arnold hopes that forecast holds, especially for her husband’s sake. The event is scheduled on his birthday.

Arnold and her husband, William, have been involved with Corvettes for nearly three decades. They joined a group of Corvette enthusiasts in 1989 to form an organization that is now 257 members strong.

“We’re like a big family,” she said. “There’s always something going on with Corvette Indy.”

Corvettes have been produced now through seven generations. The Corvette connoisseurs will have their vehicles on display for the public during the event while they enjoy go karting. The group also plans to dine afterwards at Montgomery’s Steakhouse.

The group is expected to include a 90-year-old who is among the proud owners of a Corvette.

The club has frequent social events throughout the year.

“This is William’s and my event,” Arnold said. “We thought it would be fun for the members to experience the go karts here.”

The group will also have an opportunity to see experienced go-kart racers in action, as they prepare for a race of their own scheduled Sunday.

For Arnold, Corvettes have been a passion since she was a teenager.

“When I was a young girl, I just loved Corvettes,” she said. “The first one I had took every ounce of my energy to depress the clutch. It had a 3,000-pound pressure plate and that’s a lot for a young girl to handle. But I’ve always had one or more Corvettes in my life. I was with my ‘67 Corvette longer than I had been married.”

If the weather does change, Arnold said the event would be rescheduled.

“We are the largest active Corvette Club in Indiana and it is our desire to associate with others who love seeing, driving, caring for, restoring or anything to do with Corvettes,” the group’s website said.

For more information, visit www.corvetteindy.com.