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Donations for low-cost animal clinic needed

Dear Editor,

Growing up, I was always acquainted with the Henry County Humane Society. My great-grandmother, Pat Burton, spent fifty years volunteering time and passion into the improvement of our local animal shelter. She would share stories about saving animals from cold-hearted families and bringing them to the shelter to find their forever home. Even though she is not with us today, I will forever admire her hard work and dedication. She was the one who inspired me to request donations for the humane society in place of gifts for my 9th birthday. In her later years, she would pick me up in her red minivan and take me to the shelter. She was often cautioned to stay off the roads, but nothing would stop her from providing the animals their Sunday dinner.

After Pat’s many years of service to the community, the Henry County Humane Society wanted to celebrate her philanthropy in a special way. A new clinic, in her name, is currently being constructed behind the Henry County Humane Society. Pat’s Pet Clinic will open this spring. The clinic will fulfill the need for affordable pet care in Henry County. This includes spaying, neutering, budget friendly vaccinations, and animal care education. Pat’s Pet Clinic will also provide educational opportunities for the New Castle Area Career Center Vet Science program.

In order for the clinic’s full potential to be fulfilled, the Humane Society still needs funding for supplies and equipment. Please consider contributing to the clinic to further my great grandmother’s mission to create a better world for the cats and dogs of Henry County. Our county members, the young and the senior, should come together to create a positive future for pets in our area. Donations can be sent to the Henry County Humane Society Building Fund with the address 11 Midway Drive, New Castle, Indiana with the zip code 47362.


Emily Coy

New Castle