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“I kind of feel sorry for him. I’m afraid he’s going to get hit. I saw him again this morning (Friday) and he was in the middle of Road 3.” – Amy Davis
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“I think he gets in the way. He’s probably going to get hit, honestly.” – Jacklyn Huff
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“I haven’t seen him, just on TV and in the paper last (Wednesday) night. It’s an interesting thing – non-threatening, interesting, funny and enjoyable.” – John Burch
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“I think somebody needs to catch him before he gets killed. The first time I saw him it was kind of at a distance and I thought he might even be a peacock. The last few times we’ve seen him he was right next to the road and actually came out in the road once. People were having to swerve around him. I would hate to see him get hit.” – Mike Lykens

(Editor’s Note: This question was asked before the turkey was killed Friday).

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