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Jesse Riddle

NAME: Jesse Riddle

AGE 32


What office are you seeking? Henry County Council - District 3

What is your political affiliation? Libertarian

Why are you running for public office? To relinquish the freedoms and liberties of the citizens of Henry County

What is your education background? I am a graduate of Knightstown High School. I attended ITT for a brief stint before joining the workforce in 2006. My education has not stopped since and continues to grow on a day-to-day basis as a software engineer for a Fortune 500 company in Indianapolis, Indiana.

What experience do you have that lends itself to the office you seek? I have no desire to be a career politician. I am a tax payer of Henry County. I have the ability to be creative in solutions, process oriented, and firmly believe in being as transparent as humanly possible to the citizens of Henry County.

If elected, what is your top priority? Promote and assist in the creation of an open and visual roadmap/timeline for the citizens of Henry County with projected road/bridge repairs. I expect this to be updated several times a week so that the citizens and private news outlets remained informed of upcoming repairs, road closures, and progress without having to attend meetings or play phone tag.

How do you think funds could be used to maximize maintenance/repairs for local roads, bridges, and infrastructure? To the best of my knowledge, the current way Henry County prioritizes roads is based on the PASER (en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pavement_Surface_Evaluation_and_Rating) system. After a basic review, it seems fairly logical. Not sure how things get rated by ‘main arteries’ of the county and ‘emergency’ routes. I do believe several fresh of eyes and creative problem solvers could find a way to allocate more into the road budget. I also need to get more acquainted with the work Upvest Indiana (upvestindiana.com) has been doing.

How would you like to finance a new jail? Our jail situation is multi-faceted problem that the county and small towns continue to make worse. Henry County needs to quickly adopt programs that reduce entry and recidivism into our jail system. Instead of Henry County asking about how do we finance a new one, it should ask how does it work towards reducing the need for jail? I firmly believe we need to go the reverse direction.

What is the most critical issue facing the office you seek, and what skill set do you have to meet that challenge? The most critical issue is continue to work towards a balanced budget. I am quite decent at arithmetic and algebra. The bonus is that I actually enjoy solving complicated problems. This skill is what lead me to being a self-taught software engineer.

How many public meetings (county council or otherwise) have you attended since winning your party’s nomination in the primary election? I’ve attended a couple. When it comes to county council, I have attended zero. Besides fixing our roads, we need to get the county council moved to a time when a majority of taxpayers of Henry County can actually attend the meetings.

Henry County is constrained by property tax caps. What other options do you favor to increase county revenue? We’ve continually seen the county use every tax they can find, provided by the state, to reach deeper and deeper into the taxpayers pockets of Henry County. I am not in support of these tactic. I’d like to see us do the following: Get more of Henry County into the workforce,  increase marketable skills through sponsorships by public and private organizations, continue to finds ways to make the Economic Development Corporation a fruitful arm of the county to get businesses to either expand or build in Henry County. 

How do you make yourself accessible to citizens? vote4riddle@gmail.com, voteriddle.com, www.facebook.com/jessethelibertarian