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Goodwin stepping down as aviation board president

By DARREL RADFORD - dradford@thecouriertimes.com

Maurie Goodwin, Henry County’s Board of Aviation Commissioners’ president for many years, is bringing his local public service career in for a landing.

Monday, Goodwin submitted his letter of resignation to the board, effective in December. He and his wife, Carol, are planning a move to Lake Santee, about 10 miles northeast of Greensburg.

“Carol and I listed our house for sale on Sept. 4 with a plan of moving to and building a new home just outside of Greensburg,” BOAC member Ed Hill read from Goodwin’s letter. “We have owned a home on the lake since 2002 and my in-laws, George and Rilla Denton, bought a home there in 1972, the year before Carol and I were married.

“We accepted a cash offer to sell our house that we have lived in for 24 years on Oct.11,” the letter continued. “Our closing date is set for Dec. 15, even though we are hoping to move by the end of November. I have lived and worked in New Castle for 60-plus years and I’m excited to be moving into a new chapter of mine and Carol’s lives.

“However, I extremely sad to have to leave several positions that I dearly love, and unfortunately, BOAC is one of those positions that I am resigning from,” the letter concluded. “Please know this a sad moment for me, as I have had a personal goal to make sure the Marlatt Field was extended to 5,001 feet. I know we are on the correct path to get this accomplished, but from now on, I will be involved only as your strongest supporter, which will feel strange, having been on the BOAC Board since 2006.

“I will also let the County Commissioners know of my decision, as they were my appointing governmental body. Thank you all for your hard work. I have enjoyed getting to know each and every one of you.”

Reaction to Goodwin’s letter was swift and heartfelt.

“I make a motion we deny this letter,” Mayor Greg York teased.

On a serious note, the mayor said  “I certainly hate to see that, Maurie. “Your years of dedication have been very much appreciated, beyond what words can express. I’m excited for you and your family. You’ll be truly missed. We want to say ‘thank you’ for everything you’ve done.”

Richard Bouslog, another BOAC member, said it won’t be quite the same without that Goodwin name.

“The Goodwin name has been prominent in this community for 100-plus years,” Bouslog said. “It is a sad chapter. I hate to see you leave, Maurie.”

“We’ll be around,” Maurie told the board. “We drive down there all the time. It doesn’t mean we can’t drive this way, too.”

Goodwin was named the New Castle-Henry County Chamber of Commerce Citizen of the Year in March. BOAC will be far from the only organization to miss his efforts. During the Chamber’s award ceremony, it was noted Goodwin has “shared financial blessings” with 36 different non-profit organizations, has supported children in need, the elderly, the impoverished, has provided collegiate scholarships and has supported a long list of local organizations, charities and initiatives.

After the meeting, Goodwin said being a part of BOAC has extremely gratifying. Having continued a family tradition of running the oldest automobile dealership in Indiana, Goodwin said he’s also been blessed to help lift up New Castle’s aviation capabilities.

And just as the automobile dealership of his ancestors helped tourism at the turn of the century, so too, is the airport making a difference in economic development here.

“When you think about it, cars were a new form of economic development back then,” Goodwin said. “People could suddenly get around and spend their money if they wished. The same with the airports. It is also attracts the new, more progressive companies. That’s always been my drive and my interest.

“You think about the fact that Boar’s Head has planes that can’t come in here and the same with Crown. If it was there now and they could come in, it might be a foothold into establishing a corporate headquarters or regional headquarters here. It’s not far-fetched. It’s forward-thinking.”

The airport’s progress during Goodwin’s time on the board could be measured through another announcement made at Monday’s meeting. The recently renamed Marlatt Field has been chosen to host the 2019 spring meeting of Aviation Indiana. Ryan Robinson of Woolpert Design said the New Castle facility was selected because of its new runway.