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Hannah Thomas

NAME: Hannah Thomas

AGE: 26


What office are you seeking? Fall Creek Township Trustee

What is your political affiliation? Democrat

Why are you running for public office? I want to serve my community in the Trustee position because I love to help others, want to support and help my hometown community thrive, and feel that I can do a great job by bringing some new ideas to the office.

What is your education background? I have a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) from Ball State University.

What experience do you have that lends itself to the office you seek? I have volunteered in the Trustee office since January and was appointed Deputy Township Trustee after the untimely passing of the previous deputy in August.

If elected, what is your top priority? My top priority is to lower taxes for the citizens of Fall Creek Township and to support the local Fire and EMS.

How do you make yourself accessible to citizens? I can be reached by many avenues including phone, email, or in person at very flexible times. I would plan on continuing to be available in these ways after being elected.

How do you plan to show accountability for public tax dollars? I plan to maintain a very transparent office and provide periodic reports to the board, and anyone in the public who would like to know, on how the public tax dollars are being used in our community.

How many cemeteries are you responsible for, and how do you plan to maintain them? Fall Creek Township Trustee is responsible for the care of 8 cemeteries and I, along with the Township Board, would maintain them by obtaining a contract with a trustworthy individual or business to provide mowing and other upkeep services.

What are your plans to maintain/upgrade fire protection in your area? I plan to continue to support the local fire department with the established funds the township budgets to contribute as well as by working to increase these funds by working with the town to partnership together to help pay for new fire and EMS equipment that is needed.

Are there programs that need to be added or changed to help those in need in the area that you serve? The Township currently does a great job with serving those in need and I would like to continue that effort and increase the impact of those dollars by looking into the application process and looking for ways to make applying easier and faster for those seeking assistance.