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Randy Paul

NAME: Randy Paul

AGE: 55


What office are you seeking? South Henry School Board At Large

What is your political affiliation? Republican

Why are you running for public office? Opportunity to apply my experience as incumbent, and serve the school district in which I have lived my entire life.

What is your education background? 1981 THS alum; Hanover College Majors in Physics and Secondary Education; Indianapolis University MBA.

What experience do you have that lends itself to the office you seek? Experience as a Program Manager at Raytheon Defense Company is applicable to the financial and change management decisions the school board makes while performing corporation oversight. With my wife and three daughters working within multiple Henry County Elementary School Corporations, I attempt to contribute a broad teacher perspective as we work to solve problems and continuously improve the corporation.

If elected, what is your top priority? My main priority is to ensure that a financial foundation and leaders are in place to enable student/teacher/corporation success in these very challenging times. Teachers are the key success factor in educating our students, and we as a community/corporation must continue to encourage our staff in the face of ever changing requirements and modest pay driven by state budgeting process.

What security measures that are not currently in place would you advocate? In addition to full time SRO added for current school year, the corporation plans construction in 2019 to provide increased security control at building entrances which is viewed as the most significant improvement we can make. Additional options have been discussed with the community, but each option has pros and cons to implementation.

What are current school policies that you would like to see changed or added? I would encourage a process of understanding current policies as the baseline for discussion, periodic review, and then change as needed. Most recently our staff listened to parents and standardized grading scales across all grades.

What strategies do you favor to face financial challenges? The basic approach to school budget management is to understand the multiple income sources/constraints, understand the fixed and variable expenses, attempt to predict future trends, and then make very prudent decisions on spending/saving. Holding a General Fund cash balance and a Rainy Day balance have traditionally provided a buffer for unexpected financial challenges. School Corporations will be facing new challenges in 2019 with the General Fund, Rainy Day Funds, etc, being merged into 2 new accounts named the Educational Fund and the Operations fund.

How would you encourage community involvement in school business? Within the corporation there is a hierarchy structure of teachers/aides, department heads, building principals, central office, and school board governance/oversight. This responsibility structure helps drive how we effectively function as a corporation, and there are many opportunities for the community to be involved based on individual interests. The staff/board can help answer questions and guide people to activities, special meetings, and groups based on individual interests.

How would you like to see curriculum improved? I believe we are on the correct path with NWEA focus, and data driven individual student focus. We need to stay the course making appropriate adjustments, as opposed to continually trying to implement the latest “new” approach.

How do you make yourself accessible to citizens? I am active in the community, and phone contact information is available via the central office.