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Career Center helps students fulfill new state graduation requirements

The State of Indiana has made changes to the high school graduation requirements starting with the class of 2023.  The new requirements not only address academics, but also employability skills and postsecondary competencies. Both of which the New Castle Career Center career center has focused on for many years.

Public Law 192-2018 amended the graduation requirements for students in the 2019 through 2022 cohorts to allow the students to meet the new Graduation Pathway Requirements. Students in the graduating class of 2023 must satisfy all three of the requirements by completing one of the pathway options from each category.  The three categories are: Core 40 Diploma Requirements, Learn and Demonstrate Employability Skills, and Postsecondary Ready Competencies. For more information about these new requirements visit www.doe.in.gov/graduation-pathways

New Castle Career Center is able to help sending high schools fulfill the new diploma requirements with project-based learning, work-based learning, service-based learning, and industry credentialing.

NCCC is in the process of recruiting for the 2019-2020 school year and will work closely with each of our sending schools staff, students, and parents on the new graduation requirements.  New Castle Career Center services eight local school corporations. The Career Center and school systems work together to provide skill development opportunities and career exploration for high school juniors and seniors.  For more information visit the website nccareercenter.org/about.

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