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Antique shotgun creates law enforcement suspicion

Courier-Times Staff Report

MIDDLETOWN — A Middletown man remains behind bars after he was accused of breaking into a local residence and stealing an antique shotgun.

Douglas Hogan, 24, remained incarcerated Tuesday at Henry County Jail. He is charged with burglary, a Level 4 Felony; theft of a firearm, a Level 6 Felony; unlawful possession of a syringe, a Level 6 Felony; as well as criminal trespass, a Class A Misdemeanor, according to documents filed in Henry Circuit Court 2.

On Feb. 3, Middletown Police Captain Michael Stephens received a call because Hogan was allegedly walking through town carrying a gun, a police report stated.

After speaking with Hogan, Stephens discovered the gun was a Crown Arms model 8 double-barrel antique shotgun. Hogan said he was given the gun by someone who had died and now he wanted to sell it for $100 to help with moving expenses, the police report indicated.

Suspicious, Stephens asked for the gun, which Hogan willingly turned over for investigative purposes.

Three days later, on Feb. 6, Middletown police received a phone call about suspicious activity at a home in the 7000 block of N. County Road 600 W.

According to the complaint, a white male was going through vehicles and boxes stored outside the home. When Stephens arrived on the scene, he found Hogan, who claimed he stopped by to pick up some tools he had left at the residence.

Hogan offered to let Stephens search his backpack and it was during that time a syringe was found inside one of the backpack’s pockets.

“I forgot that was in there,” Hogan said, allegedly admitting that he used the needle to inject drugs into his jugular vein and had been doing so for the past seven years, the police report said.

Stephens asked Hogan if the antique shotgun that was previously confiscated had come from the residence and Hogan allegedly admitted that it had. However, Hogan said he never went inside the residence, but other people had been getting inside through an unlocked window.

According to the police report, Hogan declined to provide names of other people who may have accessed the home.

Police contacted the person who lived at the home and were told the gun was supposed to be in a bedroom closet and that Hogan did not have permission to be at the residence.

It was at that time Stephens placed Hogan under arrest.

Middletown Police Chief Amanda Kirby praised Stephens’ police work and instincts regarding the case.

“It was really strong police work,” she said. “That was really exciting to see him (Stephens) do that.”

Hogan’s bond was set at $2,200 cash, $20,000 surety. Court records show a jury trial is planned June 24.