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KPD reserve officers are money in the bank

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Bobby Lackey was recently named Knighstown Reserve Officer of the Year. Lackey tallied 256 volunteer hours served in 2018.
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Carlo Moore recently received a pin in honor of his 10 years serving as a reserve for the Knightstown Police Department.

By DARREL RADFORD - dradford@thecouriertimes.com

Knightstown reserve officers are like money in the bank.

In his 2018 annual report, KPD Chief Chris Newkirk said the reserves worked 1,057 hours in 2018. That’s the equivalent of a salary savings between $19,000 and $23,000.

In fact, the reserves were so dependable, it was hard to choose one as Knightstown Reserve Officer of the Year. At a recent banquet, Bobby Lackey won the honor. 

Newkirk said Lackey had worked the most shifts and tallied 256 hours in 2018.

“He also made the Henry County Sheriff’s Department Merit hiring list,” Newkirk said. “He is either next or number two on the list for a full-time position there. He also showed the most improvement in 2018 and had received the most training hours. He stood out in every category.”

Newkirk said two others were close to matching Lackey’s numbers, one just three hours behind and another who was five hours behind.

“I had three guys in that 250-hour range,” Newkirk said.

Another reserve, Carlo Moore, was given a 10-year pin in appreciation for the decade of service he’s given the department.

The reserve numbers was just one of several impressive statistics shared by the chief at the February meeting of the Knightstown Town Council.

Newkirk said his department had 153 agency assists in 2018 – far above the 53 recorded in 2017 and the 32 made in 2016.

“So we are working more with other agencies, which is what you asked us to do,” Newkirk told the council.

Other statistics of note from 2018 included 1,678 incident reports and 120 arrests.

This year has gotten off to a busy start as well.

Newkirk said his staff has investigated and compiled 15 accident reports in the last month, most of which were weather-related. Eleven of those were property damage accidents with four others involving personal injuries.

The KPD also issued 41 citations, made six arrests and conducted six funeral escorts in January.

But in the midst of a busier workload, Knightstown officers are still finding time to train.

Newkirk said he taught a physical tactics class for the Henry County Sheriff’s Department.

“And one of my guys attended a pretty intense, six-hour fast-paced class on take downs and ground fighting in full-padded suits on a high school wrestling mat,” Newkirk said.

Newkirk said there have been six classes and 28 hours of training this year already.