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Club news

Members’ travels is Altruistic topic

Altruistic Literary Club met March 14 at the home of Celia Burns. Co-hostesses were Sonnie Sahlberg and Marilyn Witt.

President Kim Galyen invited members to share personal travel experiences, each of a high and a low time. Galyen opened by sharing from a trip to Ireland. Members enjoyed sharing and hearing a variety of humorous, unusual, and scary stories.

Galyen thanked Burns and her committee for hosting the club. Minutes from the February meeting were then read by the secretary, and the roll was taken. Fifteen members were present. Members were informed that the April meeting will be hosted and presided over by LoRae Fitzpatrick, with Pam Shortridge giving the program. The March program was given by Jane Cronk.

Cronk chose as her topic, Jane Fortune, a well-known Indianapolis philanthropist. She was a lifelong patron of the arts, and at the age of 63, she founded a nonprofit foundation called Advancing Women Artists. This quest took her to Florence, Italy where, under her passionate leadership, she salvaged and restored art created by women between the 16th-20th centuries.

Cronk led a discussion and shared pictures of paintings by three women of Florence, who were painters during the Renaissance period. Their work would have been lost and their artistic talent unknown if not for “Indiana Jane.” Fortune was quoted, “As I work to give these women artists a voice in history, I find my own voice.” She died at 76 in September 2018.

– Provided by Kay Rogers, club secretary

Town and Country Homemakers have dinner out

KNIGHTSTOWN — Town and Country Homemakers Club welcomed spring with a dinner meeting at the Burch Tree Cafe in Knightstown. The table was decorated in an Easter theme. During the meal, members enjoyed catching up with their winter activities. The meeting opened with president, Sonnie Thompson, giving the background of Easter traditions.

Members responded to roll call with their middle names. For the health-and-safety report, Kathryn Waits presented an article on understanding the information on egg cartons. Also explained were meanings of organic, cage free, and free-range labels.

Sandra Van Hoy read a description of Hot Springs National Park. People have long enjoyed the 143-degree temperature waters, historically believed to have healing properties. It is smallest of the national parks. Thompson updated the club on upcoming events: District meeting March 27 at the Randolph County fairgrounds; Presidents’ luncheon and Achievement Day in April.

Van Hoy presented the lesson, highlighting different types of vinegars and their uses, including white, apple cider, wine, balsamic, rice, coconut and malt. Members attending were: Pam Bever, Beverly Dills, Brenda Reece, Norma Reece, Sonnie Thompson, Sandra Van Hoy, Kathryn Waits and Melody Zapf. April meeting will be hosted by Thompson.

– Provided by Norma Reece