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Sorry, we cannot run anonymous letters

I’ve written before about this Opinion Page being the community’s soap box.

It is your chance to tell thousands of people about the good, the bad and the not-so-pretty happening in our world.

Whereas a Facebook post to your friends might get a couple likes, a Letter to the Editor might help change public opinion and drive local change.

All that being said, this newspaper cannot publish anonymous letters or opinion pieces under a pseudonym.

I received an unsigned letter today praising the work Laurie Abrams is doing out at HealthRidge Medical Center.

I really wish whoever had submitted this letter had put their name on it. That way, I could run it in the paper.

I’ve personally covered the Rock Steady Boxing program that Abrams brought to New Castle, so I’ve seen first-hand how that program is helping people who have Parkinson’s.

But I’m not a participant in the program. I’m not a family member of someone whose life was changed by the boxing regimen.

My opinion as an outsider looking in can only carry so much weight.

The past few years have been contentious ones for Henry County, and people have had a lot to say about a lot.

We have run letters about wind turbines, hog farms, statues, old buildings, new buildings, old buildings that should be used like new buildings, gerrymandering and potholes.

We’ve published thumbs ups and thumbs downs about city workers, Christmas lights, veterans organizations, newspaper coverage and the weather.

Did I mention the turbines and statues?

The thing that every one of those community-submitted pieces had in common was that our readers knew who put it in.

If you have something to say, if you have some good news to share, please stand behind your opinion by putting your name at the bottom of your letter.

If you see injustice in our community, let people know about it. But don’t try hiding behind a veil of anonymity. Own your opinion and it will probably end up in the paper.

We’ll print just about anything someone sends us, as long as you aren’t attacking a specific person or business and you aren’t foul mouthed. And as long as you keep it under 500 words.

You should be able to read the full Letter to the Editor/Opinion policies at www.thecouriertimes.com. Scroll down to the very bottom and follow the “Policy” link.

If that doesn’t work for whatever reason, send an email to editor@thecouriertimes.com and I’ll send you a copy.

We now call and verify each submitted opinion piece, too. So please include a good phone number.

We absolutely want to share your opinions and thoughts and concerns with the rest of Henry County. But we can’t do that without knowing who you are.

Travis Weik is the editor of The Courier-Times. He looks forward to hearing from you.