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Video store, martial artists fight lymphoma

Students from Fierce Martial Arts Academy participated in Family Video Kid’s Night to raise money to fight lymphoma.

Family Video in New Castle hosted a Kid’s Night fundraiser for Lymphoma research Thursday, March 14. Fierce Martial Arts Academy attended Kid’s Night to help raise money and awareness to Lymphoma.

By partnering together, these local businesses were able to contribute to Lymphoma research and show support to the people who are directly impacted.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention(CDC), “lymphoma” encompasses cancers that start in the “lymph system (the tissues and organs that produce, store, and carry white blood cells that fight infections).” The CDC reported that in 2015 there were 8,332 new cases of Hodgkin Lymphoma reported. Cancer has touched, in some way, the lives of many people reading this.

Stuart Hamby and Coaches Jacob Hamm and Chris Suggs lead Fierce Martial Arts Academy students in forms, self-defense, breaking boards and sparring techniques during Kid’s Night. More than 25 Fierce members participated in the event. The public also got to see the academy’s newest School Black Belts – Coach Jacob Hamm, Jade Clark, Allison King and Trenton Sweigart – in action. They demonstrated some of the techniques they have spent the last eight years learning. Recently they earned school blackbelts and soon they will be testing for their Chung-Do-Kwon certification, which is the governing body for Fierce.

The Fierce Martial Arts Academy After School program also contributed to Family Video Kid’s Night by creating artwork based on the theme “Hope Conquers All”. The art was auctioned off on the following Sunday.

Rylee Chaffin also contributed by face painting at the event. Fierce Martial Arts and Family Video wants to thank everyone who contributed in any way to this great event and cause.

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