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Looking for that spring in my step

By DONNA CRONK - dcronk@thecouriertimes.com

While a spring in one’s step is something of a metaphor for most folks, for me, it’s a real thing. 

I’m talking flip flops made with spongy platforms that make these old dogs feel much younger again. But I also enjoy sandals of many different kinds.

While I’m a handbag hound in every season, not so with shoes. Boots make my feet hot and I can never seem to find just the right pair of winter work shoes. I also detest gym shoes by any name.

But warm-weather months are a different animal, and last Sunday, the toes came out to play! I had put on a white-and-floral-printed skirt and in looking for a pair of shoes to match, there was no more logical choice than blue sandals. It was my seasonal-sandal debut and there’s no turning back now until my birthday in October. You could practically set your furnace thermostat by the date, as it’s usually the cutoff for sandals. 

There are two scents I look for when it comes to spring. I’m not talking flowers, although the delicate whiff of a daffodil is hard to beat and lilac is even sweeter. But my favorite spring scents are found when motoring down the highway, or especially on the backroads, and catching the rich, organic scent of freshly turned field soil. To me, the scent speaks of the new season of crops and of another year of food production as well as of a summer ahead. And when the grass starts growing and the lawnmowers are abuzz, I also love the scent of freshly cut grass.

Another delightful smell is that of fresh mulch spread across my landscaping, making all the ordinary perennial shrubs look fancied up and clean cut. 

When it comes to sounds, for years the crack of an aluminum bat and the pop of ball into leather were my top choices as my boys played various levels of baseball from coach’s pitch on up.

But my boys of spring and summer grew up, and these days I don’t give the sport a thought except during an annual trip to see the Cincinnati Reds.

But that’s how it goes, and it’s not a bad gig to spend warm evenings after work or Saturday afternoons on the back porch reading or drifting off for a nap to the sounds of birds chirping and planes leaving chalky-white streaks against a blue sky.

Of course in those moments, I’m thinking that what I really need to be doing is spreading mulch.

One thing for sure is that I am delighted that spring, though still unreliable, is showing itself in our corner of the world, and the continuous densely gray days of late winter are gone–we hope.

My sock drawer will remain largely closed for a few months. And that suits me and my feet just fine.

Donna Cronk is Courier-Times Neighbors editor and edits the quarterly her magazine for women. The spring issue is scheduled to appear in your Sunday paper on April 28.