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Went to West Lawn Cemetery today (Thursday) to clean my parents tombstone. Thumbs down to the cemetery staff for not having the water turned on in the West Lawn. I will have to return and bring the water with me. – Steve Benson, New Castle

Thumbs up to the Wenning family for the hospitality at their farm and the Farm Bureau co-op and local FFA students who gave presentations Friday at Ag Day for all county first-graders. – Mike Broyles, New Castle

Thumbs up to Forrest Owens, now of Kentucky, but who spent 30-and-a-half years as an electrician at Chrysler Corp. in New Castle. Owens also spent World War II as a U.S. Marine where service included three wounds and two Purple Hearts, among other awards. His final wound occurred at Iwo Jima, from where he was sent home to recover. What a debt of gratitude we Americans owe our World War II veterans as well as all veterans who served this great nation, and as a result, served us.

Thumbs up to New Castle Building Trades and Habitat for Humanity for completion of another home under their tool belts, and a family now resides there. The Murphy family will be honored, as well as the organizations that made their move possible, at 2 p.m. today at 1744 Irvin St., New Castle, with an open house. The public is invited to attend.

Thumbs up to Joe Wiley and the Henry County Highway Department team for coming up with a creative and sensible way to save money. Doing away with the time clock for employees there is an idea that will save dollars and make sense. As a former Indiana State Trooper, we have no doubt about Wiley’s capability to police his own employees. We appreciate the initiative and hope others are inspired to get creative with their own departments as well.

Thumbs down to those members of the Indiana General Assembly responsible for the convoluted mess known as Senate Bill 535. This split-personality bill will affect everything from a small town’s ability to protect its residents from wind turbines to a newspaper’s bottom line by capping legal advertising at $250. With bills like this one, it’s no wonder the general public gets disillusioned with the state government process.

Thumbs up to New Castle High School seniors and boys basketball players for being named to the IndyStar Indiana Boys All-Star Team.

Thumbs up to New Castle High School sophomore boys basketball player Cole McDaniel for receiving the Heart & Hustle Award at this year’s banquet and recognition program.

Thumbs up to the New Castle High School varsity baseball team for starting this season with a 5-1-1 record under new Head Coach Tony Gregory.

Thumbs down to skyrocketing gasoline prices in April from what they were in mid-March. At least give us a reason for it and a warning before prices go up again.

Thumbs up to everyone with a vision for the future of New Castle, Middletown, Knightstown and every community in Henry County. Sure, there are sometimes real hurdles we have to cross before getting to that future. But those temporary bumps in the road should never stop us from moving forward.

Thumbs up to our loyal subscribers and our new readers. The staff here at The Courier-Times works hard every day to make sure we are bringing you information about the community you live in and businesses in the area. If there is something we’re missing out on, some story that needs to be told, let us know so we can share the news with Henry County.