The Henry County Courthouse didn’t feel so empty when the Henry County Commissioners met Wednesday night. More folks were in the crowd than there have been in quite some time.

Ed Tarantino welcomed the crowd when the meeting officially started.

The Commissioners were presented the 2022-2023 Contract for the Henry County Humane Society to take care of the county.

The contract was for $59,743, however there was an error in a part of the contract that had a different number. The commissioners agreed to amend the terms to the correct price and made the motion to accept the agreement upon the change.

The motion was passed 3-0.

The Commissioners also had to nominate who they wanted to be on the Henry County Community Health Board. The choice was down to two people.

Commissioner Tarantino said, “The new appointee to the Henry County Community Health Board is Debi Ware.”

Ware was nominated by Bobbi Plummer. Steve Dellinger seconded her nomination, and the motion was passed 3-0.

In other business, the commissioners approved some bids for updates to the Youth Opportunity Center including removing a water heating coil as well as replacing some valves.

The cost for the valve replacement and coil is $2,813.

They had another claim for fixing the humidity and temperature in the building, as well as helping with the refrigeration side of it. The total cost for this claim is $17,010.

Another claim presented was to replace the air ducts, and perform all required duct work. The total cost for this claim is $1,981.

The last claim is to remove and replace a faulty blowing motor that is causing the breaker to trip in the center. The cost of this claim is $1,205, bringing the total to $23,009 for all of the upgrades for the Youth Center.

The motion was made by Steve Dellinger to accept these bids the motion was then seconded by Bobbi Plummer. The motion passed 3-0.