The New Castle City Council passed Ordinance #3860 on its first reading Monday. The ordinance is an amendment to the schedule of fees at New Castle South Mound Cemetery and Westlawn Addition.

The Council brought up the idea of this ordinance in last month’s meeting, after they conducted a study comparing their prices to cemeteries around the area. The cemetery was charging less compared to the likes of Muncie and Anderson.

The Council decided to adopt the new prices Monday.

New Castle City Council President Rex Peckinpaugh, “I move we pass this ordinance on the first reading.” The motion passed unanimously, 7-0.

According to Ordinance 3860, the fees and charges for burial space and burial at the city cemetery are no longer adequate and should be increased.

The council changed gravesite charges and fees will be as follows: each gravesite without a foundation will be $700; each gravesite with a foundation will be $900; and a gravesite “baby land” will be $125.

The opening and closing fees were adjusted so in-ground burials are now $700, in-ground cremation is $375, and a burial in “baby land” will be $200.

Chapter 91.01(B)(3) of the city code was amended for miscellaneous additional fees or increased charges for Saturday burial.

Burial or disinterment beginning after 3:30 p.m. any day of the week will be an additional charge of $300, along with the regular fee.

Saturday cremains burials before noon will be $450, after noon will be $550. Burials before noon Saturdays will be $1,100 and burials after noon will be $1,200. Burials in “baby land” before noon will be $350 and Burials in “baby land” after noon will be $450.

Disinterment charges before noon will be $1,900, and disinterment charges after noon will be $2,000. Disinterment of cremains before noon will be $800 and after noon will be $1,000.

A charge of $75.00 shall be imposed for any non-standard records work or recording of records.

Finally, the city council announced no Sunday or holiday burials shall be permitted.

For more information on the Ordinance, you can visit the city website at https://www.cityofnew 1617720926_40187.pdf