The New Castle City Council have been trying to figure out ways to bring more people into the city.

They might’ve just found their next project.

Councilman Lynn Perdue started the conversation Monday about the Trojan Lane Project First Impression.

The project includes landscaping upgrades up through Trojan Lane and lighting upgrades. The goal is to catch a first impression on visitors.

Perdue was very passionate for this project.

“I’m really excited about it, we need this. So many people see Trojan Lane and forget all about the rest of our town. We need to step it up and get with the program,” Perdue said.

The council wanted to know how much this would cost.

“$300,000 will do all of it, plus we might have some remaining to have maintenance on the project,” Perdue said.

Perdue also said that he has gotten estimates for labor and most of the contractors believe they could complete the project for less than the $300,000 estimate.

More details will come out about the project when things are becoming finalized.

Perdue told his fellow councilmen that they didn’t have to make a decision on this subject as of right now.

Perdue said, “We’ve laid out a nice strategy for the project. This project will sell itself.”

The Council agreed to table this until they’re next meeting which is Aug. 2.

Perdue finished up by saying, “I wasn’t looking for a vote tonight, I just wanted to make sure you guys wanted to back this project.”

The council didn’t have any other business to discuss Monday. Councilman Mark Koger to the opportunity to discuss the practice of having council meetings on Tuesdays after a Holiday weekend. The council recently held a Tuesday meeting with Independence Day falling on a Sunday and being observed on that following Monday.

Koger made the motion to forgo meetings directly after holidays if there is nothing that is pressing.

The motion was passed 7-0.

Park vandalism

New Castle Mayor Greg York also brought it to the council’s attention Monday that someone had trashed the F.U.N. Park at Baker Park over the weekend.

The incident happened in the middle of the night. York said the vandalism included throwing some benches over the fence.

Mike Broyles was in attendance for the City Council meeting. Broyles thanked the parks department employees for their response to the incident.

“They did a great job of getting it cleaned up and getting things back together. It’s a real shame that this had to happen,” Broyles said.