The relationships you build with people can really bring a town together. That togetherness, respect and gratitude was on display Monday night between Robert Dye and the New Castle City Council.

Dye is retiring as a long-time city employee who spent the last 15 years with the New Castle Parks and Recreation Department.

City Council President Rex Peckinpaugh wanted to honor Dye with a proper send off from the council.

Peckinpaugh started out by saying, “I know you had over one thousand hours on your mower last year. A thousand hours, that’s a lot of mowing. He not only does that, he does so many other things from cutting trees to cleaning the park and whatever it is that needs done.”

“He’s just a good hard working man that a lot of us love and have a great deal of respect for,” Peckinpaugh said, asking Dye if he had anything he wanted to say.

Dye walked up to the podium, and said, “I just want to thank every single one of you. We’re all friends and that’s what it takes to run our town. You guys are my friends and always will be. I love this community and all you gotta do if you ever need help is give me a call and I’ll be there. That’s all I can say, once again I appreciate each one of you. You can’t ask for better people to work for, you are all great people.”

Dye then received a standing ovation from every single person in the chamber.