Warrick Street repairs won’t cost nearly as much as originally anticipated, Knightstown Town Council members learned last Thursday.

The Town Council took action to approve the lowest bid for a road project on Warrick Street from Madison to Franklin streets. The total bid cost is $124,065.20, received from DC Construction Services is lower than the anticipated cost for the project of $249,630.

Clerk Treasurer Beth Huffman said that the good news is that Knightstown expected to have to pay only their match portion of twenty-five cents for each dollar spent.

“The current budget includes $62,407.50 for Knightstown’s match but with the lower cost of the project, Knightstown will only have to match $31,016.30, a savings to the Knightstown community of almost $32,000,” Huffman said.

According to the contract documents between the State of Indiana and Knightstown, the general scope/description of the Warrick Street project is as follows:

replacing ineffective curb inlet drainage at Harrison and Franklin Streets;

road patching and road surfacing;

sidewalk replacement along both sides of the road; and

all adjacent curb ramp replacement and thermoplastic pavement markings.

Dan Wright, President of FPBH, Inc. and engineer for the project said, “This is a great deal for the Town of Knightstown. Taxpayers are getting $124,000 worth of road work at a community cost of $31,000 due to 75 percent matching dollars received from the State of Indiana.”