The Henry County Commissioners had their second April meeting Wednesday. There were only two commissioners present, as Ed Tarantino is on vacation.

Henry County Sheriff Ric McCorkle was in attendance and told the commissioners that he had recently toured the Decatur County Jail. The sheriff mentioned that they had a multipurpose room.

“I would like to consider that in our project” McCorkle said, referring to the new Henry County Correctional and Rehabilitation Center. “It’s just an estimate of an estimate right now, and if you think it’s worthwhile to look at, then go for it. It’s something we don’t have to decide on tonight, but we would have to get it going sooner than later.”

“Now would be the time to do it,” Commissioner Steve Dellinger said. “It would be cheaper since nothing is in the way of it yet.”

Commissioner Bobbi Plummer said, “I would rather do it before the walls are up.”

The commissioners decided to take no action on this subject, but mentioned that they wouldn’t have a problem with it.

Henry County Economic Development Commission (EDC) President Corey Murphy was the first to give his report for the commissioners. Murphy spoke about how the New Castle Henry County Chamber of Commerce recently printed their Chamber magazine.

The Chamber only publishes this twice a year, according to Murphy. This edition is title Destination: Henry County. The Spring 2021 issue highlights the tourism in the area, as well as a look at the Citizen of the Year and Business of the Year in the special Annual Awards presentation.

“We use the magazine to sell our community, internally and externally,” Murphy said.

He said the magazine will provide the commissioner with “a great update on tourism around the county.”

The magazine is available digitally at the New Castle Henry County Chamber of Commerce website,

Next up for the commissioners was an invoice from Improvements Unlimited on the Hernley Cabin which was for a total of $2,504.30 for replacing two beams in the cabin as well as replacing the doors and installed a metal roof. The motion was made to approve to pay this and was passed 2-0.

The Henry County Commissioners meet again on May 12 at the Henry County Courthouse at 6 pm.