Henry County Sheriff Ric McCorkle asked the Henry County Commissioners at their first April meeting to consider renaming a portion of Van Nuys Road, which is the road that the New Jail will be on, after Sergeant Ronald L. Lampe.

“I think it’s the thing to do,” McCorkle said. “He was killed in the line of duty, and I would like to see him remembered in that way.

“Ron Lampe Way, Ron Lampe Road, whatever you want to call it, I would like to see him remembered and recognized. I would just like to see that for his family,” McCorkle added.

Sergeant Lampe was shot and killed in 1980 while serving a narcotics warrant with five other officers.

Southern District Henry County Commissioner Bobbi Plummer said, “We could do from State Road 103 West until (it reaches) the jail. No one lives between those two points, so no one would have to change their address or anything like that.”

Plummer then proceeded to make the motion that they would change that portion of Van Nuys Road to honor Sergeant Ronald L. Lampe. Northern District Commissioner Ed Tarantino seconded the motion and the motion was passed 3-0.

The Henry County Commissioners also received a contract from Vectren to discuss a gas service for the new Henry County Jail.

“The cost of gas lines for the jail would cost around $74,000, but Vectren is willing to waive that, if we sign a five and a half year agreement to have their gas service,” Tarantino said.

Middle District Henry County Commissioner Steve Dellinger made the motion to accept the contract from Vectren, and it was passed 3-0.

In other business, the Commissioners passed an access agreement for the Indiana Dept. of Environmental Management to do a environmental investigation to county property on State Road 3.

“This is just an agreement to allow them to come on the county property and allow them to do some tests and collect some groundwater samples and allow them to install wells at the property and continuing groundwater samples, if necessary,” Tarantino said. “This doesn’t cost anything from the county.”

The location of the test is at the Athletic and Agricultural Fields across the street from Memorial Park. The tests follow some apparent dumping that was taking place off of Garner St and Big Blue River.