It’s no secret that the town of Spiceland is having drainage troubles. It’s been a problem for quite some time and town council president Darrin Jacobs has been well aware of this issue.

In fact, Jacobs said Tuesday, “Every time someone wants to build in Spiceland, there is a drainage issue.”

The Spiceland Town Council held their third meeting of 2021 on Tuesday via Zoom. One of the biggest takeaways from the meeting was the possibility of creating a storm utility fund. The purpose of the fund would be to help with runoff and ground water, as well as flood control and drainage.

However, it is not limited to being used for that.

“It would be a great opportunity to collect a little revenue for road improvements, gutters, and curbs,” Jacobs said, “Which would help us control flooding and runoff.”

Creating the utility fund would result in a small increment in water bills. It would be the first rate increase in eight years.

The council decided that they would conduct a precise study and come up with a budget before they made a decision. Jacobs finished the discussion with, “We have no plan to take any action right now on this subject.”

Water being stolen

Spiceland Town Superintendent Jeff Lane reported to the council that he caught a company stealing water again. He determined that they took around 500 gallons of water.

Lane didn’t mention who the company was but said he had spoke to the authorities. The company has agreed to pay back the costs of the water they took.

Lane wasn’t most concerned about the action itself, but the possible after-effects of opening and closing the hydrant suddenly.

This can create a “water hammer” effect and can cause serious issues in the water system. Water Hammer is a pressure surge or wave caused when a fluid in motion is forced to stop or change direction suddenly.

Lane said, “Trust me, water hammer is not something you want to have in your system. It could cause some serious damage. There’s been counts of water hammer that I’ve seen that’s caused 10 separate leaks in the pipes.”

Lane finished by saying, “(Opening and closing the hydrant) allows water to move really quick and then stop. It’s a chain reaction and something you don’t want any part of.”

The council decided that they would try and pursue the possibility of creating a fine or a penalty for stealing water in Spiceland.

If you see someone possible stealing water in Spiceland, contact Clerk Treasurer Dawn Mogg at (765)-987-1211 and let her know.

The Spiceland Town Council meets on the second Tuesday of each month, their next meeting will take place on April 8 and will be in person.

The Courier-Times will continue coverage of the March meeting in the next few days.