The Spiceland drinking water project is moving forward, even if the drills haven’t started yet.

Spiceland is looking to build a new well northeast of town.

Spiceland Superintendent Jeff Lane gave a short update on the water project Tuesday night during his Superintendent’s Report at the Spiceland Town Council meeting.

Lane said, “I don’t have a lot for you, my report is pretty vague. They do, in fact, have the drilling rigs out at the place. However, there has not been any drilling done as of right now. But they can go anytime they want to, as far as I’m concerned. The process is moving, still a lot to be done, but it’s moving.”

Freedom Days Festival

Jack Garner, the newest member of the Spiceland Town Council, spoke Tuesday during the council meeting to get some things in order for this year’s Freedom Days Festival.

Over the years, Freedom Days has been organized by many different groups, yet they always had one mission in mind: providing an opportunity for fellowship among neighbors and funding causes important to the Spiceland community.

“We’re looking into buying our insurance policy already,” Garner said. “I’ve been working to get some quotes. We are looking into November to host this.”

Garner said they want to get the ball rolling on a new beer garden idea for Freedom Days.

“We’re gonna need to pay insurance on that,” he said. “I just wanted to brainstorm some things we needed to get done and take care of the administrative stuff early. It’s just working all the liability and the in’s and out’s of all the events and other things we have at the festival.”

After discussion, the Town of Spiceland agreed to bear the cost of the Freedom Days Festival insurance policy and liability. The motion was made and seconded, and it then passed 5-0.

President Scott Fitch said, “The beer garden is going to be a new thing at the festival. We’ll see how that goes.”