The Spiceland Town Council had a hefty agenda as the meeting almost ran three hours Tuesday night.

They passed a water theft ordinance Tuesday to stop people from messing with water meters in the town.

This goes for messing with meters but also with stealing water, which Spiceland has had an issue with.

Spiceland considers Storm Utility Fund

The fines will go up each time if more violations are committed.

The first fine is $1,000, the second fine is $2,000 and finally the third fine is $2,500 dollars.

Vice President Scott Fitch made the motion to accept the ordinance for stealing water.

Water project update

In other water news, Wessler Engineering was in attendance to present a draft of their preliminary engineering plan for Spiceland’s drinking water and storm water system.

A summary of Wessler’s findings was presented. It was determined that one of Spiceland’s water wells is not operating properly; the town’s water tank, however, is in good shape.

The Wessler representative said that they are making recommendations on small things to the town, including adding valves and replacing old valves as well as finding more of a supply for more consistent water flow.

Spiceland is looking for possible help with funding for the stormwater project due to the state and federal government providing funds to cover infrastructure and water projects.

They might to pursue America Rescue Plan (ARP) money or even try for some money from the Indiana Regional Economic Acceleration and Development Initiative (READI) program.

The Spiceland Council is currently weighing all options with what they are going to do with Wessler.

The motion was made that members Dawn Mogg and Jeff Lane will correspond with the New Castle Economic Development Corp. to show this preliminary report for possible grant opportunities. The motion passed 7-0.

New officers, board member

The town council had to formally pick new officers and select a new member Tuesday to fill the vacancy created when former President Darrin Jacobs resigned.

Pam Stigall was selected to continue her duties as President of the Town Council, and Scott Fitch was nominated to be Vice President for the Council.

Stigall said, “We will do our absolute best to serve you.”

President Stigall made the motion to appoint Bobby Rayburn to the council and he was officially welcomed by the other Spiceland officials.

Rayburn mentioned that he had voiced interest in serving on the town council in the past.

“Thanks for having me,” he said, “I’m just here to help the town out.”

Other business

In other business from the meeting, a representative from Civil Engineering in Indianapolis was in attendance to discuss Flying J putting in a light maintenance facility for semi-trucks. Duties of the facility would include basic maintenance such as checking air pressure, brakes, fluids, topping off fluids and changing oil.

The representative said that the facility would be tucked quite a bit back from State Road 3.

It’s also going to be barely visible from the main road with all the semis and vehicles parked around it, they said.. After a brief discussion, the council decided they were fine with the facility going on Flying J’s property.

“What they decide to build there is their choice,” Stigall said.

The council members did not have to take any action on this subject but are interested in what was going back on the property.

The council also unanimously passed their annual Henry County Humane Society Contract.

The Spiceland Town Council will have a special meeting at 6 p.m. Tuesday, July 27.