The Henry County Bicentennial is less than nine months away.

The Courier-Times got an update from one of the bicentennial celebration organizers, Scott Frost, about plans to the celebrate the history of Henry County.

The bicentennial committee met in August to discuss a way to get Henry County into the Guinness Book of World Records with the largest game of knockout.

According to Guinness, the current record was set by the Dallas Mavericks on Oct. 4, 2015 when 701 people competed in 27 rounds for more than three hours.

For those not familiar with roundball, “Knockout” lines players up at the free throw line. They try to sink a basket or their own rebound before the person behind them can get their ball in the hoop.

One of the questions asked was where to attempt such a historic feat; there’s a lot of basketball history in Henry County, of course.

The committee settled on the New Castle High School Fieldhouse.

Frost said, “We feel good about it being in the New Castle Fieldhouse. For space, as one reason, but also, what better way to break a basketball world record in the World’s Largest High School Fieldhouse. It’s very fitting.”

Frost said the planning meeting in August went very well.

“It was a good meeting, we had 18-20 people,” he said. “We are debating whether or not to make the knockout game a small fee or for it to be free. Possibly considering having music during the event and events up and around on the top of the Fieldhouse on the track. We are also considering having a t-shirt giveaway, and possible food vendors. We still need lots of help though.”

Frost continued saying, “We had people with ideas. We want even more to come and listen to us. We need leadership on our committees that can help us. We are also possibly considering having a Baker Park Fun Festival on the day of the tournament.

“We also kicked the idea of having a school competition for the knockout game,” he added, ‘including, maybe, most participation or last student standing.”

Frost also mentioned that the drive for schools would drive up attendance in their opinion, which helps the record. The current record is 701 people.

Frost said a County Flag committee is also possibly in the works as part of the bicentennial celebration. All other committees are in good shape, according to Frost.

The next meeting for the bicentennial committee is 5:30 p.m. Sept. 22 at the Indiana Basketball Hall of Fame.