“Busy” was the theme for the Charles A. Beard Memorial School Corporation at the school board’s meeting on Tuesday. Board Member Tom Schaetzle was not in attendance, as the board announced that he had to work.

Knightstown Superintendent Jediah Behny announced that CAB Schools had officially purchased the property across the street from Knightstown High School for their new Transportation Facility.

“I am so glad we were able to get that purchase. Hopefully, we can get the ball rolling on that soon,” Behny said.

Behny announced the district’s Average Daily Membership (ADM) number is 1,056 students through all three schools.

Behny also said they didn’t have any new updates on the school reentry plan. Behny attributed this to the fact that their Covid numbers have been very low coming back to Knightstown from fall break.

Bus Replacement Plan

The board was presented a summary of their Bus Replacement Plan for 2022. CAB Business Manager Bryce Welsh gave an update on some of the things he has been working on.

Welsh said, “This is a schedule of our intention to replace buses. We might look into alternating the plan. However, this is something the state wants to see that we are actively working to get our buses fixed on time.”

The intention for the board is to purchase four buses in 2022. But that’s not official at the moment.

Welsh told the board that Charles A. Beard has a couple 2011 buses that will need to be replaced in the next couple of years.

School buses usually last around 12 years of high performance with minimal problems, although every bus is different. Members of the board said this sounded about right in their experience.

After a bus is 12 years old, the state requires it to have two safety checks every year instead of one.

The CAB School Board wants to get their fleet of buses closer in all the model years so they can consistently replace two buses every year. That way, they don’t have to purchase six buses one year and then one the next year, for example.

Charles A. Beard Schools typically do three-year leases for their buses. The school becomes the owners after they pay off the lease.

The motion was made by Cynthia Neal to accept the Bus Replacement Plan Resolution. The motion was seconded by Graham Richardson and it passed 6-0.