Council meeting

Henry County Councilman Kenon Gray shakes the hand of Nelson Mays and Ernest Clayborn after Thursday’s marathon meeting. The two men were among many upset by Gray’s Facebook posts but offered a spirit of forgiveness following the meeting. Still, they wanted to see him resign and Mays said he’d even consider running against him in the next election.

He was described as a dedicated public servant, a retired educator who had rolled up his sleeves and worked tirelessly to research complex issues on behalf of his community. A true leader who helped Henry County earn a “Stellar” reputation and a $333,000 prize. A man of Christian faith.

But to others, he was a public embarrassment with an “atrocious” social media history. A racist whose divisive posts on Facebook had given a black eye to the community and sullied the image of an entire county. A dishonest man not worthy of being on the Henry County Council.