Henry County Democrat Club met at 9 a.m. on April 23 at the Democrat Headquarters, 201 N. Main Street, New Castle.

Club President Beverly Matthews presided. Club business was discussed and committee reports were given. Beverly introduced our speaker: Cinde Wirth, Congressional candidate running against Greg Pence.

Cinde is a science teacher and is now pursuing an Educational Policy degree at Ball State. She states she is very fond of Henry County as she spent a lot of time in New Castle in the Methodist Church here.

Her comments included, “Our public schools are the life blood of our democracy. Our public school teachers need our support. We are in desperate times. We all have to pull together.”

She stated we must incentivize teaching and support our public schools and teachers as Public Education is the backbone of our American society. She emphasized that she will work for improved public education, a clean environment for Indiana, good paying jobs for Indiana, better healthcare for Hoosiers. It is important for long term health and for our families. Indiana currently ranks 49th in air quality in the United States.

As a scientist, teacher and citizen, she stated she supports aggressively working toward a healthier, clean environment for all Hoosiers; and she added we need better paying jobs, better union protection for jobs, and we need to incentivize small business and farmers. Cinde is a small business owner and said we need to support small business and small family farms.

She said that we need to get ‘big money’ out of politics adding, “Candidates should be fine standing on their own merits instead of your money.” Regarding common sense gun control, she stated, that she learned to bow-hunt and hunt invasive species underwater with a spear. She shared her understanding of the thrill that comes with feeling and controlling the power of shooting a gun and a bow. But she also supports her immovable position that guns should be well-regulated, firearm background checks expanded, and gun-safety programs also expanded. She is a teacher and a mother who believes Common-sense gun safety regulations are a must for the future of our children and our communities. She requested we learn more about her campaign at www. wirth4congress.com

In other business, INDems are sponsoring a significant local event: a town hall meeting with State and local candidates on Thursday, May 19, from 6-7:30 p.m. at the Smith Building. The public and media are invited. This is a free event.

Delegates will be attending the Indiana Democrat State Convention. Plans for parade floats and Cool Climate Fest on April 30th and other upcoming events were discussed. Alan McCraine will continue to host Democrats for coffee and donuts at different county sites. Pat Cronk presented a PowerPoint of main messages from the recently attended 2022 IDP Crossroads Summit.

The Club and Central Committee planned participation in “The Cool Climate Festival” on Saturday April 30th. We will have a parade or float at some main county events. For the Memorial Day parade, some candidates will have their own float. Our events are on the calendar at henrycodems.org.

Next meeting is May 21 at 9 a.m. at Democrat Headquarters at 201 North Main Street, New Castle. The public is invited.