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Attempted murder trial postponed

Courier-Times Staff Report

A jury trial for a New Castle man charged with attempted murder has been postponed. 

Christopher J. Brinker, 30, was arrested in August 2017 after he allegedly choked another man with a phone cord. A jury trial was scheduled to start Jan. 22, but has been pushed back until April 16, documents filed in Henry Circuit Court 2 state. 

According to a probable cause affidavit, the alleged incident took place at a home in the 1000 block of S. 20th St. Law enforcement arrived and found the male victim unresponsive. He was transported to Henry Community Health and later transfered to St. Vincent Hospital and placed in the critical care unit with possible brain injuries due to lack of oxygen, the affidavit stated. However, the extent of the damage was unknown.

When interviewed by police, Brinker initially denied choking the man and said he was never at the 20th Street home. Brinker claimed the victim had text messaged him earlier wanting to buy drugs, but prior to that, he hadn’t seen or talked to him in several weeks.

When police pointed out several people had seen him in the home, Brinker continued to deny being there until he was informed that he was going to be arrested. At that time, the affidavit said Brinker became visibly upset and said he had been under a lot of mental stress. Brinker also told police he has been seeing and hearing things that weren’t there.

Later in the interview, Brinker admitted he was going to meet the victim, get money and go buy the victim drugs. Brinker said that when he went to the house to meet the victim, he remembered a time in the past when the victim had allegedly insulted him with racial slurs.

Brinker said he didn’t try to kill the man and that he was just angry, the affidavit indicated. He also admitted that the phone cord used to choke the man was located in his bedroom, between the mattress and sheet, and that he had used meth within eight hours of the incident taking place.

Police searched Brinker’s 12th Street bedroom and located the phone cord, as well as clothing matching the description of what witnesses claimed Brinker was wearing when the altercation took place.

Brinker remains incarcerated at Henry County Jail without bond.