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Candidates file for '18 primary election

By KEVIN GREEN - kgreen@thecouriertimes.com

Noon Friday was the deadline for those persons interested in running for public office to file the necessary paperwork with either the office of the Henry County Clerk or the Indiana Secretary of State.

According to information on file at the clerk’s office, the following candidates are seeking a local office.

County Clerk

Jennifer (Jenny) Grubbs (R).

County Auditor

Debra (Debbie) Walker (R).

County Recorder

Linda C. Winchester (R).

County Treasurer

Billy L. (Bill) Upchurch (R).

County Sheriff

Richard A. (Ric) McCorkle (R).

County Assessor

Jodie L. Brown (R).

County Commissioner, Northern District

Bruce (Butch) Baker (R), Ed Tarantino (R).

County Council District 1

Adam Y. Bowman (R), Kenon Gray (R), Patricia (Pat) Cronk (D).

County Council District 2

Chad Malicoat (R), Robin Reno Fleming (D).

County Council District 3

Steven R. Dugger (R), Elizabeth (Betsy) Mills (R), Peggy A. Stefandel (R), Casey Stults (R), Dakota Clark (D).

County Council District 4

Susan Huhn (R), Nathan S. (Nate) LaMar (R).

Blue River Twp Trustee

Lucinda J. (Lucy) Murray (R).

Blue River Twp Board

Todd Brown (R), Betty Linville (R).

Dudley Twp Trustee

Abby A. Snyder (R).

Dudley Twp Board

Ron Chew (R), Wanda (Sue) Claar (R), Janice Spurgin (R).

Fallcreek Twp Trustee

Hannah R. Thomas (D).

Franklin Twp Trustee

Debra Barnes (R).

Franklin Twp Board

Diana Engle (R), Frieda Pickering (R), Jayana Posey (R).

Greensboro Twp Trustee

Rachel Clark (D).

Harrison Twp Trustee

Jim Wilkinson (D).

Harrison Twp Board

Wendy L. Butterfield (R), Zeb Margison (R).

Henry Twp Trustee

Nancy E. Webb (D).

Henry Twp Board

L. Dale Cole (D), Ashley Huffman (D), Melba Jane McKnight (D), David P. Tyner (D).

Jefferson Twp Trustee

Melinda Grounds (R).

Jefferson Twp Board

Mary L. Nichols (R), Judith A. Shaw (R), D. (Judy) Walker (R).

Prairie Twp Trustee

Terry L. Matney (R).

Prairie Twp Board

David Baty (R), Benjamin C. French (R), Rosalie Sampley (D).

Spiceland Twp Trustee

Donna Tauber (R).

Spiceland Twp Board

Charles Byrket (R), Keith Isaacs (R), Phyllis Roland (R).

Stoneycreek Twp Trustee

Michael C. Lykens (R).

Stoneycreek Twp Board

Scott H. Green (R), Cynthia Riddle (R).

Wayne Twp Trustee

Susan K. VanHoy (R).

Wayne Twp Board

Brad Overman (R), Jeffrey A. VanHoy (R).

Precinct Committeeman Democrat

Robin Reno Fleming (Henry 6), Duane Matthews (Henry 14), Kurt (KJ) Sorrell (Henry 16), L. Dale Cole (Henry 19), Martha Minnick (Fallcreek 3), Jeff Minnick (Greensboro), Darrin W. Jacobs (Spiceland 1), Jason Marshall (Spiceland 1).

State Delegate

Jay A. Davis (R), Diana Hazlett (R), Chad Malicoat (R), Elizabeth (Betsy) Mills (R), Clay Morgan (R), Ed Yanos (R), Jason Marshall (D), Beverly Matthews (D), Duane Matthews (D).

According to the Indiana Secretary of State’s website (www.in.gov/sos/elections/files/Candidate_List_Abbreviated_20180208_052842PM.pdf), the following have filed a declaration of candidacy form. The listing is accurate as of noon Friday.

U.S. Senate

Joe Donnelly (D), Mike Braun (R), Luke Messer (R) and Todd Rokita (R).

U.S. Rep. District 6

George T. Holland (D), Jeannine Lee Lake (D), K. (Jasen) Lave (D), Jim Pruett (D), Lane Siekman (D), Mike Campbell (R), Thomas G Ferkinhoff (R), Bill Frazier (R), Jonathan M. Lamb (R), Stephen M. MacKenzie (R), Greg Pence (R), and Jeff Smith (R).

State Senate District 26

Dave Ring (D), Mike Gaskill (R), Steffanie Owens (R).

State Rep. District 54

Jeffrey D. Embry (R) and Thomas E. (Tom) Saunders (R).

Henry Circuit Court 2

Kit C. Dean Crane (R).

Henry Circuit Court 3

David L. McCord (R).

Henry County Prosecuting Attorney

Joseph (Joe) Bergacs (R).

The state has until Feb. 23 to certify candidates filed at the Secretary of State’s office.

Voting related questions may be directed to the Voter Registration office, a division of the county clerk’s office, at 765-529-9310 or visit the office on the ground floor of the Henry County Justice Center, 1215 Race Street, New Castle; or visit Indianavoters.com.