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eLearning OK'd at Blue River Valley Schools

MT. SUMMIT — Blue River Valley schools have now been approved for eLearning days by the Indiana Department of Education.

eLearning days are actual school days during which Blue River Valley students may not be physically present at school but are still considered to be “present” for attendance while completing school assignments via electronic or digital media.

BRV Superintendent Eric Creviston said the school system will be conducting eLearning days for their weather-related make-up days Feb. 19 and March 26.

“Blue River Valley Schools have made significant investment into making our schools look and work more like the digital workplace,” Creviston said. “Two years ago, we did a major digital self-assessment and decided to do a complete technology reboot. We now have more computers available for student access than we have students.”

The Vikings will use eLearning days as their make-up days whenever they have to cancel school due to weather. Creviston said this will help maximize the flexibility of the schools’ digital learning culture.

“We will also explore using eLearning days for special occasions such as parent/teacher conferences or staff development days,” Creviston said.

On eLearning Days, BRV student attendance is taken and recorded, and it is a workday for our teachers. Teachers must be accessible via digital media or phone and even special education accommodations must be considered and accessible.

Creviston explained that attendance is recorded on eLearning day by evidence of completed work.

In other words, the state says that a student is present if the majority of the work is submitted on time, and in attendance for a half day if an equivalent fraction of the work is submitted. If no substantive work is turned in, the student must be counted absent.

A computer lab will also be opened for BRV families with limited internet access.

All areas and all disciplines will have prepared the equivalent lessons for eLearning Days as they do for traditional days, with the same rigor and connected to the same standards, Creviston said.

“Some lessons may look somewhat different than they would on-campus or in a classroom setting (such as Ag, PE or the arts, for example),” Creviston said, “but they must still address the standards and be examples of effective instructional delivery.”

Most lessons, just like any school day, may be part of ongoing units or programs and may only represent a daily section or fraction of an overall unit.

Student work and teacher contact are available via learning management systems such as Schoology or school email.

“The Corporation is making every effort to communicate to our families about how these days will work, and there is an eLearning page on our website,” Creviston said.

For more information on BRV eLearning days, visit www.brv.k12.in.us/e-learning/information-regarding-elearning or call 765-836-4816.

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