It takes lots of work and love creating the joy of Christmas for those in the community.

Secret Families of Henry County is a year-round operation of planning.

The non-profit’s biggest fundraiser of the year is coming up in the weeks ahead. The Secret Families Christmas Party is 6 p.m. Saturday, Nov. 6 at the Smith Building at Memorial Park.

The Christmas party will include games, silent auction, Santa, choir singing and food. Tickets for the event are $50 and can be purchased in advance from Koontz Insurance and STAR Financial Bank.

Secret Families mission

Through donations and generous volunteers, families around Henry County receive the Christmas everyone deserves, said Scott Koontz, Secret Families of Henry County board president.

Secret Families uses the charitable donations to purchase, wrap and deliver gifts catered to both the family’s needs and the child’s Christmas wishes.

These include decorations, food, a Bible, household items, clothes and toys. No Christmas is complete without the tree, which is delivered to the home by Secret Families team members.

“Through the love of community, together we can provide a truly joyful Christmas for every family,” Koontz said.

For the past six years, Secret Families has provided for over 250 families.

This year, they will be serving approximately 80 families in Henry County.

Secret Families asks local school principals throughout Henry County for recommendations of families that are in the greatest need at Christmas time. These families would not be able to make vital Christmas memories without support.

Other news

Secret Families of Henry County is always happy to have volunteers. Donations are always appreciated and can be made at STAR Financial Bank, the day of the event or on the donate page.

Koontz said they could also use wrapping paper and tape, Those items can be taken into ERA Real Estate, FC Tucker or Koontz Insurance & Financial Services.

For volunteer information, email You can also find them on Facebook at Secret Families Christmas Charity of Henry County.

There are tons of different ways to get involved. Secret Families would love to hear from everybody and anybody.