Knightstown Intermediate School fifth graders are observing Teacher Appreciation Week by sharing special thoughts about their teachers.

The students were asked to name a specific teacher or group of teachers and tell what they appreciate.

“I appreciate my teacher (Mrs. Cooper) because she is nice. She teaches good too.”

“I appreciate my teacher (Mrs. Cooper) because she takes her time to teach all of us and deal with us all.and she takes time out of her day to prepare us for iLearn and for the sixth grade.”

“I appreciate the teachers because they teach us stuff. And they are our teacher so we just should or try to appreciate.”

“Mrs. Cooper, Mrs. Chew, Mrs. Cox, and Mrs. Kennedy. They care about helping me learn, and making sure that I understand when and what we are doing.”

“Mrs. Cooper. I appreciate the teacher because she teaches us things I don’t think humans could figure out on there own. I also appreciate the teacher because well we love her.”

“Mrs. Basicker helps all of the student get all the activities they need in a day. She lets us play fun games and games the student love doing. On nice days she lets us go outside and walk the track and play soccer, football, and baseball.”

“Mr. Hadley. He doesn’t normally yell and he is very nice to his students.”

“Mr. Canary. Thank you for dealing with my class and with the people that do no work. You are funny and glad you were my teacher.”

“I appreciate Mrs. Cooper because her class was fun. I also appreciate her because she is nice.”

“Ms. Pearson. I really love art, and she makes it fun. She is also good at drawing, and I respect that.”

“I said Mrs. Chew because she was the nicest teacher I have had. Mrs. Chews class was also really fun and easy. Mrs. Chew was the best teacher I have had.”

“Mrs. Chew was one of my most influential teachers. She always had fun things for us to do and just had a fun class. She tough me learning could be fun and entertaining. Mrs.Chew was truly my most influential teacher.”

“I appreciate Mrs. Folkening because on a daily basis she has to deal with disrespectful kids, and has to handle them on her own. I also appreciate Mrs. Folkening because she is really nice and respectful to her students, and likes getting involved with her students.”

“I like Mr. Lykens is so easy on his students. he says he will right some one up but never does. He always has fun assignments like labs. He picks the movies for extra credit points. and usually are simple.”

“I appreciate Mrs. Newton because she makes things easy for me and always knows how to put a smile on my face. She teaches in a very helpful way and makes everything very understanding. Mrs. Newton is very fun to talk to and she’s a very funny person. When I have had a bad day or not a good start to her morning or afternoon, I always look forward to going into her class and seeing her. I appreciate Mrs. Newton and her amazing teaching and personality.”

“I appreciate Mrs. Basicker because she is very nice and really fun to be around in gym. She is nicer than all the other teacher and I’m actually good in gym for her most the time. If she gets mad then you know you did something bad because she is very chill.”

“I choose Mrs. Cooper for this Teacher appreciation because she was one of the best teachers I could have ever had. She was always so funny. She would make everything fun. She was just overall a amazing person. She is very beautiful and very smart... Couldn’t have had a better teacher.”

“I’m not the best at math, but Mrs. Newton always helps me and sometimes when I ask for candy she says yes. She hardly yells at me. Her class is also really fun, even when she yells.”

“I appreciate Mrs. Newton because she is the best teacher there is. Shes so nice and doesn’t give that much work and she likes to mess around unlike a lot of teachers.”

“Mrs. Chew has always been one of my favorites she is nice, funny, and just fun in general. Mrs. Newton is really fun and she is my favorite math teacher and my favorite 7th grade teacher. Mrs. Chew and Mrs. Newton are my favorite teachers and I hope they teach for a lot more time.”

The Courier-Times will continue sharing student comments throughout the week.