Brandon and Cindy Smith want to make an impact in Middletown with their new business, Bombshell Sweets – East Central Indiana.

Why Middletown?

“That’s my home town, that’s where we live,” Cindy said. “Right now, we are just a digital store but hopefully a storefront in town soon.”

The Courier-Times spoke with Cindy and asked her what Bombshell Sweets is all about.

“Bombshell Sweets is cotton candy perfected, cotton candy with more flavor than you have ever tasted before,” she said. “We have over 40 flavors from Strawberry Cheesecake, Blue Sky which is a blueberry lemonade that is a kids’ favorite, to Ghost Pepper Punch for those spicy fans. So we are sure to have something you would love.”

Smith was also asked why they decided to get started in the business.

“We have a long-time friend that lives in Spokane, Washington that does the same thing. After looking at all the different flavors, we just knew we had to secure the branding license for this area and we jumped in and learned how to spin the cotton candy and bring an amazing treat to Hoosiers,” she said.

Local market shoppers probably recognize the Smiths even before they expanded to the cotton candy world.

“Well, we were already doing a farmers market with our other business, BCD Farms, selling local honey, pork, poultry and produce,” Smith said. “It just seemed like an easy add-on to our offering that people would enjoy.”

Smith was asked what their goal was for Middletown and Henry County.

“We want to bring something new and exciting but at the same time make you feel like a kid at the fair again,” she said. “We also have fundraising opportunities that groups could be very successful at raising money they need for activities, uniforms or help with trips.”

Smith said Bombshell Sweets offers a unique tasting experience with over 40 flavors that really surprise people.

“If you come to our booth, samples are a must. So you not only get to experience them all, but we make sure you take your favorite home. It is so fun to watch our customers’ faces light up when we really hit that flavor.” she said.

Bombshell Sweets is located at 7551 N CR 600 W in Middletown.

Contacted the through BombshellSweetsEast, follow them at, or find them at local events.