How People and Businesses Can Reduce Plastic Use, Even During a Pandemic

(StatePoint) If your effort to reduce your personal plastic use has fallen by the wayside in recent months, you’re not alone -- reusable bags and containers have gotten a bad rap during the COVID-19 pandemic. However, a new report shows that they can be a safe, effective way to tackle the global plastic pollution crisis.

The new report from Greenpeace USA, “Reusables Are Doable,” available at, highlights various reusable programs globally that have continued or can be used during the COVID-19 pandemic by ensuring strong sanitization or contactless systems for cups and containers. The report seeks to assure retailers, restaurants and other large brands that a pandemic doesn’t need to mean shifting toward widespread disposable plastic. Indeed, 130 health experts have weighed in to reinforce the public health necessity of moving away from single-use plastic and to detail how reusables can be used safely during a pandemic.