Birthday Cake Fudge

I will never forget the first time I tried “Cold Stone Creamery” and fell in love with their cake batter ice cream! I did not know anyone else liked the taste of yellow cake batter other then me! Sometimes my cousins and I would sneak into my Grandma Barbra’s pantry and steal a box of dry yellow cake mix and eat it! It was super delicious. I always thought maybe my cousins and I were somewhat weirdoes until my experience at Cold Stone! They offered cake batter flavored ice cream so I know if they are offering that Nationally, there is something to be said about other people craving it than just me. I trace my obsession with it back to when I was younger and a yellow cake with chocolate frosting would more often times than not, be in my Grandma Barbra’s kitchen somewhere. It was her favorite cake so she made it a lot.

The recipe I am sharing here with you today tastes just like the yellow cake you remember from childhood! This recipe even calls for a dry yellow cake mix! How perfect would this recipe be for a Birthday party? Trust me, it gets people talking, that is for sure! With only 4 ingredients, try this recipe with your kids! I am a big supporter of getting kids into the kitchen. I have to warn you though, this recipe is so good, you may have trouble in getting them to leave the kitchen! The sprinkles here are really necessary for the overall look and taste of the fudge. If, however you do not like sprinkles, leave them out.

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