After years of struggling in school, online education has helped our daughter reach her potential and beyond. Online education deserves equal funding.

When our daughter was in fourth grade, before we knew she was dyslexic, her traditional school would pull her from core academic classes to send her to speech therapy and then use her recess time to make up the academic work she missed. In my view, they were punishing my child for her disability, trading off academics for therapy.

After her diagnosis, we were told by our school’s special education department that you’ll never hear the word ‘dyslexia’ in an Indiana public school. I knew we weren’t getting any help there. Our goal was that she get a core 40 diploma.

Today, after homeschooling her for a few years, we love the online school she attends. They accept different kinds of smart. She has been in online from 7th to 10th grade. She has flourished. She has gone around the state to talk with students about dyslexia. She helped pass two laws that help Indiana students with dyslexia. She found her voice and reached her potential because of her online education.

When our governor shut down the traditional schools due to Covid, we had continuity of education through our established online provider. Our curriculum never changed. We didn’t miss a day of learning. And our children were safe. We deserve equal funding. All children deserve equal funding.

Heather Groce