First, I am a Liberal Democrat and a Christian, so I do not hate myself or other people who are “good.” I do not have a “mindset that is evil.” By the way, my Bible says that “All have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.” (That includes conservative, Christian, former prison ministers.) I have also worked in a prison for 16 years now, and I hope to have turned some felons around by providing them with the education that will allow them to find the jobs they need to keep them out of prison. I also know that the statistics are not in our favor that that will be the case.

Biden did not close an existing oil pipeline; he stopped the construction of a potential oil pipeline that would have gone through an Arctic Wildlife Refuge. That decision would literally have no effect on the current oil supply or the current oil demand, so therefore, it has no connection to the current price of gasoline.

I have been a certified logistics instructor for the past three years, and I receive a daily logistics newsletter from the Wall Street Journal. According to the WSJ, the cause of the increase in prices of everything from gasoline to groceries to automobiles today is the COVID-19 pandemic’s effect on the logistics industry. The logistics industry was already stressed prior to the pandemic due to a shortage of truckers and harbor workers. When the pandemic shut everything down, logistics ground to a halt. Ships could not be unloaded at our harbors, which meant oil from the Middle East could not get to our refineries, leading to a reduced supply at our gas pumps. When people started traveling again, the demand for gasoline went up, and every high school economics student can tell you that when there is increased demand with a reduced supply, prices go up. Since Biden was not in office when the pandemic hit, he is not responsible for the increased price of gasoline today.

I challenge the writer of the letter to name just one campaign promise that he believes Trump fulfilled. That big, beautiful border wall that Mexico was going to pay for? Never finished, taxpayers paid for it, and the parts that were built were so shoddy they collapsed in the first hurricane that came through. Trump would destroy ISIS in 30 days? The 12 servicemen killed in Afghanistan were the victims of a suicide bomber affiliated with ISIS, so I don’t think Trump kept that promise. Eliminate the national debt? Trump’s big tax cut exploded the national debt, and 90% of that tax cut went to the top 1% richest Americans who did not “trickle it down” to the rest of us. Instead, they are spending their extra billions taking joy rides on their own private spaceships. Replace Obamacare with a better system? Never happened. Trump would be too busy to play golf? Trump was gone from the White House playing golf four times as often as any other president. And better yet, those taxpayer funded golfing trips were primarily to Trump’s own courses, meaning that the millions of dollars spent every weekend were going directly from our pockets to Trump bank accounts. Tell me again how Trump “fulfilled all the campaign promises that no other president has done.” Lincoln saved the Union; FDR brought us out of a world-wide depression; Truman ended WWII; JFK and Johnson got us to the moon; Obama gave healthcare to those of us who could not afford it due to pre-existing conditions. Promises made, promises kept.

Finally, Joe Biden did not win the election by “false voter fraud.” Every single recount, even those done by Republicans in Republican states, have found absolutely no evidence of significant voter fraud. In every case, the auditors have actually found more votes falsely cast for Trump than for Biden. People need to get their “facts” from somewhere other than FOX “News.”

Karen Yancey

New Castle